Thursday, May 19, 2011

The many faces of Beto Kusyairy....

It has been quite some time since I last post an entry. I have been busy with.... *Aiyakk I pun tak sure I busy buat apa!* Been busy handling events, trying new recipes for choc chip muffins, getting orders for wedding giveaways ready.... *Sibuklah jugak for someone yang takde full time job*

Let's go back to the main reason why I am actually writing this entry. I was asked by my mom the other day... Among all the characters Soulmate has acted, which is the best I like? Hurmmmm.... It makes me think.... Without a doubt, I answered.... ' Warkah Terakihr Rosli Dhoby' followed by 'Kashaf Imani' .... Why???

In Warkah Terakhir Rosli Dhoby, I saw Beto Kusyairy as Rosli Dhoby. He was able to bring the 17 year old boy character successfully. He was able to make me cry. *Masa dia dengan his friends, he seems to be just like another kid but when he is with the Rukun 13, the maturity in him shines.... Playing two different character in one role is not as easy as it seems* Which scene I like best? *Hurrrmmm....Thinking* Again without a doubt, I really like the scene between Beto Kusyairy and Sherrie Merlis. It touches my heart! *Dah tengok sepuluh kali pun masih boleh nangis* The other scene I like is when Rosli Dhoby went to see his girlfriend Ani, before he was to kill the British Representative. He says to Ani..... "Kamek sayang kitak. Kamek mau memperisterikan kitak satu hari kelak. Janji dengan nyawa kitak, tungu kamek...." *OMG.... It it such a wonderful scene. Love it wei....*

Another piece I like is when Beto Kusyairy plays the role as Kashaf in Kashaf Imani along side Sharifah Amani. The story line is just superb. I shred tears and I cried throughout the whole telemovie. It does have some romantic and funny elements but it was just perfect. Which scene I like?? Without a doubt, I like the scene when Beto Kusyairy and Sharifah Amani was at the rooftop. It was fun, sweet and hilarious. *I am married to Beto Kusyairy but yet I still find him so adorable and cute when he acted in that scene... When he counted... Satu, dua, tiga and so on... I was actually counting it with him too.... Huhu.... Sangat suka that scene!* Another scene that touches my heart was at the hospital when he was crying and asking Imani's help. He was afraid that it will be to late for him to seek for forgiveness.... I have to add here too.... I also like the scene when Beto Kusyairy cried at the bridge... It shows sadness and regret! *Auuuwwww....Sangatlah sedih!!*

I have to empasize here... Is not that I don't support karya-karya Soulmate yang lain ... just that among all, so far, I like this two the best....

I would like to share a bit about Beto Kusyairy....* Please get his name spell correctly.... BETO KUSYAIRY! I get upset whenever his name is spelled wrongly*

Name : Nurkusyairy Zakuan Bin Osman
Date of Birth : 19th February 1980
Age : 31
Status : Married since 1st February 2008 (To....? Go Figure!!! Wink)
Favorite Color : Black & Red
Acted in : Check it out on at his fan page! Just type "Beto Kusyairy"

Additional information :
Beto Kusyairy was born and breed in Taman Ehsan, Kepong. He loves outdoor activites and martial art. He is shy and he dislike backstabbers.
*He hates it!!* Beto Kusyairy is a cat lover!! *One of the many reasons why I fell in love with him....* Beto Kusyairy loves chocolates and ice-cream from Haagen Daaz. *Taklehlah share semua about Beto Kusyairy... I have to leave some a secret.... As it is, I am already sharing him..... Jangan salah faham I am not complaining ok! (",)*

Before I end this entry, I would like to promote Beto Kusyairy's upcoming and on going project. Catch Beto Kusyairy in Juvana every Monday on Tv3 at 9pm and every Thursday at 8.30pm in Cita & Cinta on TV9.... Do catch Beto Kusyairy in Nur Kasih The Movie. *Ada cameo ok?!!* He will also be featured in Wasiat along side Farid Kamil soon in Astro Prima. Not to be missed !!ok???!!!

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*Let me know, antara semua karya-karya Beto Kusyairy is involve which one do you guys like best? *Sharing is Caring*