Monday, April 16, 2018

Me and my countdowns....

The one that are closest to me knows that I do countdown whenever K is away. I will track the days of him being away and the days till we are reunited! *Hahahhaa.... Sweet ke tidak??? Poyo kering je kan?? Hahaha.... * It helps keep me at ease when I start counting. I am not clingy but I just look forward to having him back whenever he is away. I believe that ramai je macam me... Cepat mengaku! Hiks...

This time around... Buat kali pertama daam sejarah, (sejarah gitewwww) I don't know when he will be coming back. Haish. All I know his involvement is 40 days out of 60 days tapi schedule tak menentu! I so hate the idea of not knowing. *If the shoot to kat KL takpelah jugak.... Ini all the way kat Perak! Huaghhh.... Nak gi sana tak bleh. Weekdays kerja... Weekend class! SEDIHHHHHHHHH!!*

I have been unwell the last few days. Actually sebelum K leave for shoot lagi. I had to go to the docs like twice for medication. *Deman mengada kut. Just because dah tahu chinta hati nak pergi lama kan... Pengsan! Honestly I was really sick. I was away from work for almost 6 days.* Alhamdullillah, I got a bit a better when K left. I did not want him to worry while he  is away... dah lah tak tahu when he is coming back. He has been really sweet. He calls and text me all time ensuring that I take my medicine and that I get enough rest. He told me to take leave from work if I am not up for it. 

He has been away for 8 days... Today, he told me that he will have one day break, which is 8 days away from today! Masya Allah.... Lamanya lagi! Me feel like screaming! * I so miss you Bee. I feel like taking a day off and go see you but Ma is unwell and I need to take care of her. Sadness overload. Heh.* This waiting to see you in killing me but I know you are away for work. The sacrifice we are making for our future... With that in mind, bertabahlah.

Countdown starts today. 8 days to go.! 

Heart always, Missy Tishita.

P/S : Today, I block someone on IG for stalking me. I was informed that she hated me for what I am not sure why... I don't even know her personally! Does it bother me? Nope! Tapi yang menyampah tu dia buat silap dia salah kan kita plak. I have make life easier for you... You don't have to see my IG anymore. Takdelah sakit hati tu. Ye dak?! Takde lah buat dosa and bagi I pahala. Rest assured I don't hate you but I just don't want negativity around me.! Peace!

Monday, April 9, 2018

A beginning to a new journey....

Picking up from where I left this blog...  It's been a long time since I last posted on wrote anything but let's see how frequent I will write after this. (",) *Let's hope it will not be 2 years from now. Heh*

I just feel like writing tonight since I am all alone. K is away for shoot and I just can't sleep. I am unwell but not able to sleep. Probably because I have been sleeping the whole day today. *Bukannya takde assignment nak buat tapi... I just can't bring myself to read more articles or journals. Heh..*

Anyway, I wanted to just share that I have started on a new journey... I have decided to go back to school and get a master for myself. People as me why....? Is it for promotion? or because I want to be converted to a regular position... NO! NO! and NO. The only reason I am doing this is for myself. My self satisfaction. There isn't any other reasons besides self satisfaction. I even told myself if at any point I feel is too much for me to handle, I would have to decide either work or back to school. *Opps... Lupa nak mention, I am still working. So kerja sambil belajar ye kawan-kawan*

They ask me what make me do it... Well... I don't know. This one particular evening I was in front on my computer in the office, I texted  a friend asking MBA in UiTM bila intake?. He told me now. Deadline was like 5 days away. I went home and told K what if I were to go and get my masters? He knows I have put it on hold for 7-8 years. He told me to go for it and he wanted to just pay and apply for me. I told him that I have the weekend to write an essay. If I am able to write the essay in time, I will apply.  Guess what he did???!! He book us a staycation. Took me all the way to Melaka and told me to write. Sweet ke tidakkk???? *He is the sweetest. He wanted me to do it because he knows I wanted it as long as he can remember but we had other priorities and now that he is able to support me, he wants me to go for it.*

Come Monday, I went to the bank near the office. I paid for the application fees and K drove me all the way to Shah Alam. He accompanied me on my first step. Applying for my MBA. I told myself tak dapat pun takpe. At least dah cuba. 

Waited for quite a bit and finally found out from a friend of mine that I have applied for the wrong course and I would need to make amendments to the course code. When I did, I was called for an interview and I would have to sit for an English Test. At that time, I started doubting myself. Should I proceed or not? I was unsure. I just realised that it has been 14 years since my degree days. * Seperti biasa... Tish worries about everything and doubting her capabilities is her number one hobby*

K told me to just go for the interview and test dulu. Decide later if I was offered a place. Accompanied by my bestfriend, I submit my documents that was needed. I went for the interview and test session. I was telling K, I don't think I will get a place because the ones that was in the interview session with me, are young and most of them just finish their degree. Nak ke ambit orang yang dah tua ni. *Pengsan*

It was one evening while I was in Singapore accompanying K... *masa tu dia tengah shoot KTK 2* I saw an email saying that I was offered and I have secured a place. I was in doubts all over again. AGAIN! I did not tell K. I was not sure if I want to do it. I know K will ask me to just go for it. I on the other end, was afraid if I am not able to cope. 

Well, to cut the story short, I am now in my second semester. Alhamdullillah! :) I still have doubts occasionally but I do have a very good support system. I have K, my parents, colleagues & bosses, friends and also classmates telling me that I can do it. 

I know is not easy to juggle work and studying at the same but I shall do this. I just have to manage the best I could. As it is, no one make you do it Tish... you wanted it. There is so much on your plate but let's take it one step at a time. * I am now a manager to K, secretary to 3 directors, assisting recruitment - a new task on top on my current responsibilities, and a student. It's a lot to handle... but  for now, let's just give it a shot. Let's do this T!*

Yours truly.... Missy Tishita

A student of UiTM again after 14 years. UiTM will always have a special place in my heart. It's where I meet K. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

We are 10!

We’ve know each other for the longest time - since we were just kids! ☺️

1.2.2008 - 1.2.2018. We are 10! Happy Anniversary bee. 🐝

I still remember walking down our school corridor hoping to get a glimpse of you. You were one of the popular students while I was just another girl. Siap kena label anti-social. You know why I acted the way I did. I fell in love with your name dulu. Nurkusyairy Zakuan. It was just soothing to my ears. Little that I know that the guy I had a crush on owns that name. Nickname Beto kut?! ☺️

We became friends. The best of friends. We both liked each other but we both had our partners. We left it as it is. From friends to best-friend and when we both were single we took our friendship to the next level. We were a couple. We hid it from friends. At first! Hiks. Yang tahu tu tahu lah. 😝

It took us 6 years before we got engaged! One year down the road we got married. Alhamdullillah. I have never once regretted the decision I made to be your wife. Even the decision of being your girl. It’s our 10th year, bee. Who would have thought the two opposites will end up together. I know you were special. I so love you... Definitely more than the first day I say yes to being your girlfriend because it grows every day! Chewah. Sweet ke tidak?! ❤️

3 years of being the best of friends, 6 years of courting, 1 year of engagement... and 10 years of being husband and wife.! Total of 20 memorable years! An amazing journey. 💋

We had our ups and downs. We lost track a few times but I believe in us. I know we are able to overcome any situation hand in hand. All we need is each other. 👫

Let’s grow old together, Bee. To many more years and adventures. I’ll be by your side no matter how bumpy the road gets. We are in this together. Always have. Always will. ❤️

Tart sayang Bee sampai akhirat. Let’s be happy. Thank you for being the best husband to me. Thank you for being there whenever I need you. Thank you for making me a happy girl. Most of all, thank you for being a friend to me. The best! 👫

Heart Always, Miss Tishita

When the clock strike 9.21pm, !0 years ago, I officially became a wife to the most amazing man, 
Nurkusyairy Zakuan bin Osman.
That's 10 years of togetherness, 10 years of happiness, 10 years of making dreams come true, 
10 years of sharing, 10 years of trust. 10 AMAZING YEARS.

10 beautiful years, 120 magical months, 522 amazing weeks, 3652 great days, 87658 perfect hours. 5259490 awesome minutes. Those has been the best time of my life.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Upset with KOSMO

Dear friends, family and sesiapa yang dah baca the article above.

I am not trying to make a big hoohaa over this but I think is time for me to share. This article was out to public last Friday, Oct 14th, 2016 in Kosmo.

I'm not sure about the other parts of the article but bahagian Beto and Tisha, banyak wrong facts.
First and foremost, Beto and I are very grateful to be a part of Shokubutsu. The run was fun. Like in our previous posts on my Instagram, we enjoy every minute of it. With that, thank you Shokubutsu.

I would like to share my story. I STILL HAVE BOTH MY BREAST. Beto takde suruh I remove my left breast. Masih intact ye kawan-kawan. Sometime in March, masa tengah mandi, I discover a ketulan on my left breast and at first I ingat it will just go away in a few days. 

After 3 weeks, it was still there and I decided to tell Beto... just a day before we went to Australia. When we got back to KL after 10 days, I went for an ultrasound and yes there was one complex cyst in my left breast. My doc gave us 2 options - To monitor with one condition that I was not to stress over it or to go for a surgery and remove it. Remove only the cyst NOT THE WHOLE TETEK. 

We decided to go for surgery and just get it over with. Bak kata Beto, Tisha ni perisau, semua benda dia stress. I do have another cyst on my right breast but we were told it was nothing to be worried of. So that was good to just let it be.

Now, I would go for check-up every 6 months or so. This is to make sure that I am ok. 😀

With this, I would like to just say, I am fine. For now. Alhamdullillah. Doa-doakan. I am not a breast cancer survivor but I fully support the cause. I know how frightened one can be. Beto and I are in this to support and encourage all ladies out there.

What upset me the most is there was no retraction. A sorry is made on behalf with no calls from writer or the editor. Ini ke etika seorang journalist? Hope this clear the air. Much love. Tisha Shahar.

PS : Kalau baca article tu betul-betul, ada lawak tau. Ketulan jumpa di breast kanan, tapi Beto suruh remove breast kiri. 😱

#justsharing #istillhavebothmybreast #misleadinginformation #ethiques


Heart always, Missy Tishita.

That's us during the event. Before the run and we were enjoying every minute of it!
Thank you Shokubutsu for having us both! 

This has to happen after the perfect event! The sad picture of me with all the wrong information!
Sorry pun takde! Heh! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

8 years and counting of being Mrs Beto Kusyairy

1.2.2008. I can never forget the excitement I was feeling that day. *Actually not just that day but every time I am about to see that smile that will melt my heart* Just that on that particular day, I was going to be his officially wife. I am not just getting married to a guy I fell in love with but I am marrying my bestfriend. *Hapiness*

As usual we never did really plan on celebrating our anniversaries. We only make it a point to wish and go out for dinner. I remember the early years of my marriage, we won’t be able to celebrate. Most of the time he will be working. Up to maybe the 5thyear??!!!  *Tipulah kalau kata tak merajuk tapi kena lah sabar. Kalau dia tak keja mana nak dapat duit, ye tak?* I remember there was one year, we actually had McD to celebrate our anniversary. Packed and makan kat luar rehearsal room kat Aswara! Well… it was better than nothing kan? Don’t take it wrongly ok… He usually makes it up for it,! After all his commitment towards work is done, he will take me for a proper dinner.

Alhamdullillah, the pass 3 years he makes it an effort to make sure he is able to take me out for dinner on our anniversary. *Blessed okay?* This year he took me to Hard Rock Café. Konon nak romantic-romantic sekali Abang Awie and his friends was there lah pulak.! Haha… Abang Awie personally came to me and wish me. *Honored sangat! Maklum lah legend rock kat Malaysia datang wish kita. Hiks.*

K bought me a present and he took me for foot reflexology to end the day. Sweetness. I could not ask for a better celebration. 

Heart always, Missy Tishita

No matter how rough the journey gets, as long as I am holding your hands, I know that we will be ok. (",)


My dearest Kusyairy, 

Happy Anniversary.! Tart sayang Bee sampai akhirat. I love you. Always have. Always will. 

Love always, Tart. 


P/S : Nadira, this post is for you since you selalu ask bila nak tekan the publish button... So here it goes. *Hiks* More to come occay??? Tunggu jer... (",)