Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It hurts....

Have you ever miss someone that it hurts so bad....? When it hurts you cry and it makes us wanna shout... Even after all the shouting and crying, the pain just gets worst??? That is what I feel now... I just miss my other half badly! *For those yang tak tahu, I have a twin sister. She pass away approximately 6 years ago to a car accident!*

I am not sure why but I am missing her badly. I miss her voice... I miss her laughter.... I miss EVERYTHING about her.... If only I can have five minutes with her..... I just want to HUG her! *Ya Allah, this heart of mine is in pain.... I so miss her dearly*

Kak, adik tahu akak berada di tempat yang lebih baik.... Semoga akak ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Adik rindu akak.... SANGAT!! I believe we will meet soon.

Dear friends yang membaca entry ni, sedekahkan al-fatihah yer for my dearest twin sister. Thank you! *hugs*


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Monday, April 4, 2011

Just another weekend!

Hola!! How are u??? Hoping that you guys are ok!! I am!! *ThinkSo* Hurrrmmmm..... Every part of my body hurts... I did some rearranging to my bedroom while Soulmate was out for his shoot! Blame it on that I guess!! *It was not planned*

My mom had the washing machine remove so I thought I would just mopped and vacuum the room floor.... Instead I started cleaning everything! *Believe it or not my room needs it BADLY* I actually reposition the piano more than 5 times!! *Bayangkan betapa beratnya piano and the bed?*

I started cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, fold the clothes, and so on from 3ish.... By the time I was done it was 12 midnight! Papa help me with the wiring and the set up of my tv and sound system! I am so not good at it!*Ya Allah! Penatnya!!!* I only took 20 minutes break for dinner! Needed energy! *Mama got us Naan and Tandoori! It was not that yummy but I was to hungry to complaint*

By the time Soulmate got home, I was extremely exhausted! *Usually I will wait till he comes back! Just to make sure that he is safely home.... Yesterday was... -CloseEyes- * In the morning before Soulmate left for shoot I apologize for not waiting... To my surprise, Soulmate say I did get up.... I open my eyes, smiled, answered he questions than I sambung tido balik.... *Whoooops.... Did I do that???! Tak ingatlah....*

Every part of my body aches now! It's hard for me to sit, stand, walk.... but still nak main badminton with my besties... Haha...*I shall take pictures next time.... Boleh share kat sini kan?* After 2 hours s of badminton, Feisal took us for nasi kukus!! *Damn!! It was SO yummy!! Sinful dinner! Close eyes and fainted*


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PS: I am not sure what I did but I can't change the color of my font! Can anyone please help me?? I will be happy if you guys can help me out! *Masa kat edit post, color tukar... but once dah publish post, color tetap tak tukar!!* Arggghhhh..... I even tried changing text font at the edit html or whatsoever but FAILED!!!! Hellpppppp......


Friday, April 1, 2011

owl! owl! and more owls!! *Wuhoo*

OMPrada!!! I have always have the hawt for butterflies and elephants! To me they are unique!! I have a collection of them ... Even my pencil case is.... an elephant!! A little secret I would love to share...... *Shhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone ok??!!* My favorite soft toy is an elephant which I name him But-Er-Fly! I so need him to sleep whenever Soulmate is not around! Haha..... *Hope my secret is safe with y'all!!* He has a lil brother too.... A gift from my mom in-law! *Soulmate named him lil'wings*

Back to the story ok.... Lately, my interest on owls has become an obsession! I just love them! I find them mysterious! Unique too!! *Just like me.... Apakah?? huhu.....* It started when I saw this shop selling a pair of owls earing..... *Somewhere in Kota Damansara..... Satu row ngan Jakel!!* It was so very the chantik! I wanted to get it badly but I told myself, maybe there are better ones!! *Dalam hati menyesal tak beli.... Maybe I should go the shop and see if the earing is still there!!*

Anyway, the very next day, Soulmate took me to OU and I found an owl chain at Cotton-On!! I love it!! Set my heart of getting it until.... *Arggghhhh....???!!* The price tag says it was RM29.90.... but the cashier says it was RM49.90! *Apakah???* I refuse to pay for it even though I wanted it badly!

Soulmate needed to get some clothes for his next shoot.... Cita & Cinta *Nanti tengok ok?? I will be aired at Channel 9! Not to be missed!* While he did his shopping, I did mine too! Manage to get to chains! *2 for RM35!! Good bargain ok?!*

Well... the owl shopping did not stop there... Within the next few days, I collected another 4 owls! Mama started buying for me too!! I guess she appreciates my latest obsession!! They are gorgeous! One of the owls mama bought for me, looks antique. Me love it! *Cantik sangat..... Mahal pun yer! Thank you Ma! You are the best!*

So, sape-sape nak bagi present, just think of butterfly, elephant and owl! They are my favorite! Haha.....*Anything in pink will be nice! A pink addict lah katakan*

Just nak promote..... please catch Soulmate aka Beto Kusyairy in a supertelemovie title URI on ASTRO Box Office! It's going to be aired for the whole month of April!! Not to be missed! *Wuhooooooo*


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Introducing But-Er-Fly and Lil'wing!! *Blushed*

My old skook pencil case.... *Chomel kan???*

My owls!! *My first owl is the far right!*

Mom's present to me... Chantik kan??!! The one yang I rasa antique is the right one! *Woots*