Monday, October 4, 2010

All the process was killing me!!!!

We have already gotten a green light from the Director cum scriptwriter to proceed with our visa application. I was given a link by Soulmate and I have read it thoroughly!! (Baca 3 kali ok!!!)

We were first asked to pay a sum of RM517 per person to Hong Leong Bank... We needed the printed code on the receipt for us to proceed in setting a date for the interview session which is schedule in 2 weeks... (That is the earliest available date!! Have to add in here jugak that if visa is not approved after 3 interview session, the money is gone!! Kaputttttt!!!)

Before setting a date, we were ask to fill up form and answer LOADS of questions and there is a time limit in aswering... (Kalau lambat, we have to restart from page one again... I had to do it 3 times!!)! It took me 4 days to settle the forms!!! They were specific sizes for the individual picture and the background of the picture has to be white with the correct measurements! (Banyak betul requirement!!) After 4 days, I finally manage to get Soulmate and I an interview session! It will be 3 days after raya...

On the day of the interview, I could not stay put. I was nervous.... (mengalahkan masa nak interview keja!) We got up early and head to the embassy. Our session was at 8.30am. We came prepared with all the supporting documents.

At the entrance we were ask to leave all our phones, keys and other stuff too. Only my handbag was given back to me (dalam bag tinggal wallet saje) and the documents. There was another security check before entering the main building! Only than, the interview session begins... (Adalah 3-4 process we had to go through... Sangatlah nervous!)

Alhamdullillah, my visa was approved within 5 minutes. Soulmate had to wait for another 2 days before they approved his. They had to check with New York University. (Nak clarify jelah...) While waiting for our interview session, we saw many incidents... (Banyak betul kerenah manusia... Huhu... Bile dah nervous... semua benda cakap ntah apa-apa!! Panic kut?!!)

The process of getting the US visa was really driving me nuts.... Huhu.... Alhamdullillah all went well! Amin! Next step is to book our flights! Yeehaaaaaaaaaa!! Gold Coast is officially postponed!