Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday evening with the Crazy Couzs...

It has been ages since I last spend time with my fav crazy cous.... Shara aka Rhoom & Elliza aka Baby... Initially it was only suppose to be just a drink at Santai, TTDI, we end up having dinner too at Ghulam Mee.... (Hurmmm... Bile dah berjumpa ada jer lah planning yang merepek-repek.. Rhoom, do I hear Jakarta in June?? Yeay!!) This leparking session was joined by their hubby to be... Soulmate was not around!! :( Away for a shoot in Hulu Langat! (Wargghhh... Nak kahwin dah couzs-couzs!!) It was my first time meeting Baby's boyfriend and I guess fiance to be... (November maybe??) Shara plak dah nak dirisik in a couple of days and the engagement will be in August!!! Warggghhhhhh.... We were talking about weddings and also getting to know the both "hubby" to be ... (Tapi for Amerul... dah kenal dah! :p) I can still remember the moment I told Rhoom that I am getting married and that Soulmate's family is coming to merisik and to discuss on the engagement. She was excited and shocked.... Now is the reverse thingy. Hahaha.... Now, is Rhoom's time.... Baby following rite at the back! (",)

To both my couzs, Rhoom and Baby, Have fun planning each occasion. It will be journey you will never forget!! To me it was one of my sweetest memories! I wish both of you all the best!

To Merul and Joe, please take care of my lil'couzs... I know where to find you both! (Hahahha...) Merul, Congratulations on your promotion!

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The Crazy Couzs at Ghulam Mee (",)

The "newbie" in the family! Joe in the house...