Monday, October 4, 2010

All the process was killing me!!!!

We have already gotten a green light from the Director cum scriptwriter to proceed with our visa application. I was given a link by Soulmate and I have read it thoroughly!! (Baca 3 kali ok!!!)

We were first asked to pay a sum of RM517 per person to Hong Leong Bank... We needed the printed code on the receipt for us to proceed in setting a date for the interview session which is schedule in 2 weeks... (That is the earliest available date!! Have to add in here jugak that if visa is not approved after 3 interview session, the money is gone!! Kaputttttt!!!)

Before setting a date, we were ask to fill up form and answer LOADS of questions and there is a time limit in aswering... (Kalau lambat, we have to restart from page one again... I had to do it 3 times!!)! It took me 4 days to settle the forms!!! They were specific sizes for the individual picture and the background of the picture has to be white with the correct measurements! (Banyak betul requirement!!) After 4 days, I finally manage to get Soulmate and I an interview session! It will be 3 days after raya...

On the day of the interview, I could not stay put. I was nervous.... (mengalahkan masa nak interview keja!) We got up early and head to the embassy. Our session was at 8.30am. We came prepared with all the supporting documents.

At the entrance we were ask to leave all our phones, keys and other stuff too. Only my handbag was given back to me (dalam bag tinggal wallet saje) and the documents. There was another security check before entering the main building! Only than, the interview session begins... (Adalah 3-4 process we had to go through... Sangatlah nervous!)

Alhamdullillah, my visa was approved within 5 minutes. Soulmate had to wait for another 2 days before they approved his. They had to check with New York University. (Nak clarify jelah...) While waiting for our interview session, we saw many incidents... (Banyak betul kerenah manusia... Huhu... Bile dah nervous... semua benda cakap ntah apa-apa!! Panic kut?!!)

The process of getting the US visa was really driving me nuts.... Huhu.... Alhamdullillah all went well! Amin! Next step is to book our flights! Yeehaaaaaaaaaa!! Gold Coast is officially postponed!



Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long awaited Gold Coast vacation or the sudden trip to New York City?

OMG!!! I am in dilemma! What's on my mind now??? I have a choice to make... It is either Gold Coast, Australia or New York City, United States of America!! (Which do I pick??? I wish I could go to both countries!) I was so looking forward to Gold Coast! Had planned the vacation since January! It was definitely a very long awaited vacation!!! Planned to go to the beach, do some shopping, and visit the theme parks.... Movie World, Sea World and the rest... Sheeeeesshhhhh.... Out of the blue, Soulmate was offered a role and the shoot is to take place in New York!! (Bermulalah dilemma!!)

I know that Gold Coast has to be postponed to a later date!! Sigh! The shooting cannot be postpone to next year!!! It's an opportunity for Soulmate!! ( It's once in a lifetime offer!!! and also a chance for Soulmate and I to go jalan-jalan in NYC) I will definately take this opportunity to tag along!! I will do some sightseeing... and do ALOT of shopping... (Victoria Secret and Coach is already on mind) I might have been to States 8 times but have never been to NYC!! This will definitely be a new experience for me!! (Itu pun if I ever make it there... Is not easy to get the visa approved by the US embassy!!)

Whatever the outcome is, we will only know in a week or two. If all goes as planned.... "It's New York City, Baby!!" Hopefully all will be okay! *Amin* (Doa mode is on for now....)


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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A jumble entry of many occasions...

Where do I start this entry of mine? I have lots to update but I am not sure where to start.... Many things happen.... GOOD and BAD!! I had to face every challenges with an open heart! Alhamdullillah, I manage to solve them one by one.... Woots!!

Let me start with what happen in the office... I quit my job after serving for 16 months.... and it was the best feeling I had after many many months! It was such a relief after I tendered my resignation. It's like a burden was lifted up over my shoulder! (I should have done it earlier... I could have save some headache, tears, avoid being SICK and avoid being hospitalized!! Many things would have turn out differently.... but, bottom line, its all OVER!! *Insya Allah* Will love to share every detail of the mental torture... up to the the betrayal of people I call friends but what is the point? Is just better left unsaid)

It was May 17th when I told myself that I no longer wanted to be a part of the company I was working for.... I just had enough of .... (let's not mention name here.... tak baik mengaibkan orang, kan?? Somehow, I know I was not the problem because I am not the first to leave from the department... I was the 3rd and I was serving the department longest... at that point!! Well, I was inform by hamba allah that I was bla ... bla... Say what they like but they know the truth!) I did not plan to tender in my resignation that day. It was a sudden urge! I wrote my resignation letter in the morning and hand it in before leaving the office that day.... The letter was just a two liner letter telling them I wanted to resign from my position and they were to advice me on the next step! That was it! Haha...

Well, it did not just end there... I was still stress up and it was leading to depression... I was admitted and I was given 2 weeks leave. I wanted to get out of that place badly! I could not sleep... I was eating 24-7... I had trouble breathing... Everything was not going well! Nothing was in place!

I had to serve three months... (Hurmmm.... Many things happen, wish I could write it here, tapi macam malas lah plak cause is something I will like to forget! A part where I like to ERASE) I had another 6 days left in the company but I could not stand it anymore... I was asked to do filing for the department and shred papers which is not mine! (Ini tak bleh jadi!! I am not an idioy
t!!!) When I walk out of the company, many 'nice' things were said about me.. (dah expect pun..) Backstabbing was the ultimate insult! (What goes around come around... and ada aku kisah??? It's ok.... Just remember this dear "friend".... KARMA!) To the rest that tried contacting me via SMS, phone and email... Thank you! I am sorry for keeping my distance. I have my reasons. (Bak kata hamba Allah ni, I am the instigator! :P ) Sorry for hiding my fb wall. Had to do it too!! (Nanti bile korang comment, ada plak yang sampai menyampai.... so it's better this way... for awhile!)

Working for this company wasn't all BAD... I had my good times too. I was given the opportunity to attend training in Singapore (twice ok??!!!) and the trips to Bangkok, Sabah and Melaka for work was awesome! It was FUN!! (",) It's time to move on and I wish them all the best for the conference and exhibition.

After quitting the company, I went back to into handling events. I manage to do a couple of events for Raj before taking a break for the whole month of Ramadhan.

I bake hazelnut chocolate cookies and pineapple tarts (Something I did for the past 3-4 years but was not able to take any orders last year.... maklumlah was working REALLY hard!) The orders was coming... I just had to turn down some request. I was baking night and day. (Nasib ada mama... kalau tak, I don't think I will meet the deadline!!)

I guess that's all for now... (Rasa macam banyak nak tulis tapi running out of ideas... Will update more in the next coming entry....)



Friday, September 17, 2010

It has been ages since...

OMG!!! It has been ages since I last post an entry in my bloggy!! Last entry was sometime in May??? (Aiyakk.... how can that happen...?? Tisha.... Tisha... Tisha.... Busy sangat sampai takder masa ker?? Sheeessshhhh!!!) I better spare some time and start updating whatever I can... So stay tune, peeps!!Give me the weekend to update!! (Insya Allah, itu pun kalau takder rumah untuk beraya!!)



Friday, May 7, 2010

What makes me happy.... *inspired by mama's entry*

What makes me happy?


  • I am happy to just be around Kusyairy... (even when we are not doing anything!!)
  • I am happy to just see him smiling at me...
  • I am happy to just get a bb message or an SMS from him... (it makes my day!)
  • I am happy when he tells me that he wants to grow old with me...


  • I am happy when we have our gossip session in the kitchen (Ma's coffee is to die for!!)
  • I am happy that my "mama" is also my bestfriend.... (one of the best!!)
  • I am happy that she tolerates my shyte and gives me the comfort whenever I need....

I am happy when I have a good book with me.... Love the idea of having to read it without disturbance.... I am happy when I have a good laugh with my close friends and love ones... I am happy when Papa comes and speak to me... Love family dinners... Nisha's memories definitely makes me happy!

What I need to be happy is just having my love ones with me! (That isn't much to ask, rite?? Having money is just a additional bonus)

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another weekend entry...

Another weekend ended and I still have not decided what to do... Plans changes all time! Excuses are given after one another! Huhu... It has been a month and I have yet to decide what I should do with my hair! (Potong pendek? Color? Treatment? Apa ek??) Hair is not the only issue... What I should do with my life is the MAJOR issue... Should I take the risk? (Apa yang the worst can happen?! I would not find something I like? Out of cash? Bak kata Soulmate... Rezeki ada kat mana-mana! Hurmmm)

I had this little chat session with Soulmate and I was telling him that I was afraid of being misinterpret! Hates it when I am blamed over something I did not do... To add on to the misery, I was pouring my hearts out about how I would just leave everything behind for "this" person but I was never appreciated! (I am not asking for the world, all I wanted is to be included! (Tak susahkan?) Soulmate just hug me! He knows I was upset! He told me that I don't need them.. and that I have him to turn too! (Shweeeetnye!!! Jatuh cinta lagi uols!!!)

When I make new friends, I give them my all... Nothing more and nothing less. If they can't appreciate that, it is their lost not mine! I should have listen to Soulmate! *I should have put a stop!!* I will not let them get to me.... I would not let them hurt me....

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday evening with the Crazy Couzs...

It has been ages since I last spend time with my fav crazy cous.... Shara aka Rhoom & Elliza aka Baby... Initially it was only suppose to be just a drink at Santai, TTDI, we end up having dinner too at Ghulam Mee.... (Hurmmm... Bile dah berjumpa ada jer lah planning yang merepek-repek.. Rhoom, do I hear Jakarta in June?? Yeay!!) This leparking session was joined by their hubby to be... Soulmate was not around!! :( Away for a shoot in Hulu Langat! (Wargghhh... Nak kahwin dah couzs-couzs!!) It was my first time meeting Baby's boyfriend and I guess fiance to be... (November maybe??) Shara plak dah nak dirisik in a couple of days and the engagement will be in August!!! Warggghhhhhh.... We were talking about weddings and also getting to know the both "hubby" to be ... (Tapi for Amerul... dah kenal dah! :p) I can still remember the moment I told Rhoom that I am getting married and that Soulmate's family is coming to merisik and to discuss on the engagement. She was excited and shocked.... Now is the reverse thingy. Hahaha.... Now, is Rhoom's time.... Baby following rite at the back! (",)

To both my couzs, Rhoom and Baby, Have fun planning each occasion. It will be journey you will never forget!! To me it was one of my sweetest memories! I wish both of you all the best!

To Merul and Joe, please take care of my lil'couzs... I know where to find you both! (Hahahha...) Merul, Congratulations on your promotion!

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The Crazy Couzs at Ghulam Mee (",)

The "newbie" in the family! Joe in the house...