Friday, July 31, 2009

Tired and Stress...


Every time I feel tired, stress and piss at almost everything, I know that I need a break from whatever I am supppose to be doing... (tanda-tanda yang menunjukkan yang I will break down anytime soon) Work load is piling up and I wish I have all the time in the world to do each work I am assigned too.... Not that I cannot manage all of it, is just that I feel that I need a bit of guidance... with procurement methodology, technical and commercial evaluations.... tender briefing... Ya Allah... there is a lot of thingking and discussion! I am left with 2 weeks to do the "CONTRACTING STRATEGY and PREPARE ITB".... (cukup ke masa wei!!!)

My colleague is leaving and the work load is definately piling up... MORE WORK!!! She is leaving next week and they are still looking for someone to replace her. How I wish if the new staff will have joined us yesterday! I am not blaming my current colleague for not having the mood to work... she is leaving but I wish whatever is pending will be done cause it will be additional work for me... and the work load will be on me! I just feel like screaming my hearts out and run out of the office this very instant. I need to discuss certain issues with the director but she is always out for meetings and training... (so nak tanya saper??? )

Oh yeah.... Not only that.... I am also assigned to get suppliers for APCE conference kit.... and it is not helping when the suppliers are taking their sweet time in reverting with the required items. As for now I have to deal with 7 suppliers and I feel like shooting all of them with one bullet! (Nak business ke tak nie??? Nak mintak sample pun susah nak mampus!!!)

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I also have an exam to go to on the 8th of August! ada time ke nak study??? ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Bottom line, I need a break, just with Soulmate! Probably after that I can have a clearer view in everything... but, I doubt I'll be getting any short breaks anytime soon! Deadline is like almost every week!!! (Soulmate.... *hint*!! I know is not possible... He is still in the midst of shooting his next drama and I have deadlines to meet!) Sigh....

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Just what I need... : Soulmate and I!! (",)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Yummy!

Chendol @ Taman Ehsan, Kepong
Chendol on a hot sunny Sunday? Isn't that just yummy??? Feels so good! Anyway, it was after my sister in-law's wedding reception when KL Motion Pictures peeps decide to have chendol. (Apa lagi joinlah... Nasib the reception was almost done... ) We were pracatically ask to leave... The caterer wanted to clean up plates, cups, chairs and tables too! Heheh....

The chendol session was superb! All of us had one bowl each but Azhan.... (pelakon citer Spa Q tue...) had two bowls! (",)

Have to mention here that Soulmate and I had chendol again yesterday! Hehehe... but this time around it was at Taman Tun... with some rojak! Perfect combination.... (There goes my diet!)

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The day Nana became a wifey...

When the Nikah is about to take place...(",)
Hola!!! (",)

When two hearts become one.... Alhamdullillah.... After all the things she had to go through... at last she become his wife.... Ini yang dikatakan jodoh! Hrmmm.... I am writing about my soulmate's lil'sister.... (Taklah lil sangat.... Huhu....)

The nikah took place at the mosque of Taman Ehsan... Before the nikah, she got engaged first... (Nana become the fiance to Faziel... the hubby for an hour or so....) Slightly after the future mother in-law... at that point of time gives her the ring, she got married to Faziel... She became Faziel's wife approximately at 10.43!! (I saw the time ok??!!!)

I was her maid of honor but I was so nervous macam I plak yang nak kahwin... :p!! It was simple but a nice ceremony... After the ceremony, everyone came to the house for lunch. Food was nice... (masakan kampung!) ...

Alhamdullilah everything went well and no crazy bitch came.... (kan Nana???) Now, you can fight for him cause he is officially yours... (You know what I mean kan??)

A note for my dear sister....

Kak Tisha doakan Nana bahagia ke anak cucu... Semoga dimurahkan rezeki! Do let me know if Faziel hurt you cause I will kill him.... I will always be here for you, as usual.... I am just a phone call away... (',)

A note for Faziel....

Please take care of Nana cause she deserve to be happy and so do you... Welcome to the family! (",)

Congratulations to both of you!!

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P/S : Have to mention here that I bake the cupcakes for gift away and feedbacks was .... Superb! (",)

The bride and Me... Alot of people say we look alike??!!!

I just like this picture... Soulmate capture the moment! (",)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chillin @ Chili's with Soulmate....

It has been quite sometime since I last have some quality time spend with Soulmate. Since it was Saturday and I am not working.... and Soulmate did not have any shoot schedule, we decided to have lunch just the both of us! (Quality time.... (",) I like...)

Well it wasn't so much of a lunch thingy though... since it was roughly 2.30pm when we decided to have Chili's instead of Delicious.... Delicious was too crowded and Soulmate wanted a restaurant that he can smoke... and the haze was bad if we were to have Delicious .... ( Smoking area for Delicious is outside where the open airs is... so....Chili's was the best solution! :P )

Hrmmm.... It was a lovely lunch!! Thank you Soulmate!! Oh yeah... Thank you for the shoes too.... Love the pinky shoes for Everlast! (",)


Yummy! I think is is call Triple play... Something like that! :p

Taste like Pizza!! (",)

The love of my life... "soulmate"

Me and my Iphone

Monday, July 6, 2009

Long overdue entry... Warkah Terakhir Rosli Dhoby...

Where do I start....

When soulmate came home to tell me that he got the leading role... I was so excited for him that I actually did not care what the story line was... I was just too excited and was too happy.... (Dalam diam... I was hoping that this can be his break into the industry.... dah banyak orang look down on him... ) KL Motion has given him the chance to be the lead not like other production houses... I can still remember the tone in his voice when he came back from "a" particular production house that treated him like shit! I told him one day and the day will come when they will have to call you and you will have the privilege in telling them to G.T.H!! (Insya AllahSoulmate the time will come.... Itupun kalau Kye will let you say that lah! :P)

Let's get back to Warkah Terakhir Rosli Dhoby... The theme song is superb! I could listen to it again and again... Very soothing! Despite it being long... (6 mins wei... tak pernah di buat orang ok!!! :P)

Anyway, the story is about a young boy who killed the British Governor at the age of 17 but was hanged to death by the officials who has actually manipulated the birth certificate. (Gile tak baikkan...) I like where the part when Rosli Dhoby went to Ani (his girlfriend) before the killing take place and he says, " Janji dengan nyawa kamik tunggu kitak!".... Oww... it touches my heart and not to forget the scene between mom and son! Just superb! (Go Shery!) To make it more commercialize the production house had created a few characters to enhance the output of the story without actually affecting any facts during the actual event.... (I guess they will try their best lah kan.... sapelah yang bleh bagitahu what really happen kan!! ;P) Good combination of characters I must say! What I like about these particular production is that the cast and crew were like a family. They put all their 101% effort together so that "warkah terakhir" will be successful! Alhamdullillah it did! Oh yeah... It was fully in Sarawak dialect!! (I had to listen to a lot of kamik and kitak at home.... kan Soulmate???)

Most of the shooting took place in Perak... Soulmate and I had to be apart for quite some time! Got use to it since it the nature of his job to be away, but I came to visit!! (Mana bleh tak jumpa for almost 45 days??? No way!!! I'll kill Kye!) The only time when I feel a bit of discomfort during his shoots is when Soulmate had to do the hanging scene in Penjara Pudu... (Arrghhhh.... gile stress... I was more concern that him... :P)

I know my Soulmate enjoy working on this project and we did make and meet a lot of nice people! (",) Now I am waiting for the DVD compilation on Warkah Terakhir! (Kye??? Bile lagi nie??)

Beto Kusyairy as Rosli Dhoby in Warkah Terakhir!! (That's my Soulmate ok??!!)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lesson of the day!

Today’s topic will be on etiquette!!! I just do not understand why it is so hard to practice good etiquettes! Is not hard... It will make life easier and somehow when you need something, the other person will willingly give you a hand and you will not be hurting other people’s feeling... (Awat lah tak guna otak... Mesti dari kecik mak and bapak dah ajar adab!....)

Let me share what is the meaning of etiquette! Below are some I found in the internet...

1. Conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.
2. A prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters of ceremony, as at a court or in official
or other formal observances.
3. The code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other

Is it hard to practice good etiquette?? I don’t think so... If you don’t want people to ill treat you I think you should not ill treat other human beings too... If you want something from a friend’s friend or family members you should be informing the person you know first then with the the friend's knowledge, then you call the person you need the favor from directly... Not just simply call and just put the other person in a loop hole! There is such thing as “Thank you”, “Please”, “INFORMING” and etc....
(Janganlah kurang ajar sangat.... bukan susah nak inform....!)

If you want to go visiting, inform them respective family or person. That is to acknowledge the respective family or person’s privacy! How close you are to the person, there is still such thing as a phone call.... (Mana bleh main redah jer??? Kita kena ada adab!). If you are a girl... You should be informing the lady of the house... not to the man.... Its plain rude!
(How do you feel if your husband or father receive the call from your friend and they just turn up in front of your house??? Sakit tak hati??)

My advice is that, treat people they want you want to be treated... I believe in “karma”... what goes around comes around... You would just get the same treatment or maybe worst that.... Fikir-fikirkan lah...

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cooking Sessions with Chef Muluk....

There are so many activities plan for all the staff where I just started working.. From Birthday Bash to Futsal... to Happy Walk... to Karaoke sessions.... (macam-macamlah...)

This particular entry is on the cooking session!!.... (Let start cooking people!!!) It is an engagement session between MGA, WGC 2012 and also IGU CC!! It was fun and interesting session I must say. We are all divided into group 4 people and then we are given certain dish for us to cook....

It was a good session for me as it was a session that I get to know my colleagues better. (Boleh lah berkenalan... kata baru join kan???!!!) What make it more challenging for me is that I was in the same group as the President of IGU.... (Mak oii!! Big boss nie!! Huhu....)

After the session is over we are all given a certificate on participation and also goodies from Maggi! (",)

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Chef Muluk at work!

MGA, WGC 2012 & IGU CC Team

My Team... Ikmal, Kak Jue and Datuk Rahim

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's been only a month...

Hola People!!!

Let's get to the main thing is why I am writing this entry.... I have only started working about a month and I have been eating in hotels alot!!! (Habis lah diet-diet ku!!!).... Had lunch in Westin Hotel, Saujana Resort, Novotel, and Cocktails in Le Meridein and Impian Hotel!!! (There are more to come but I will try my best to avoid it!!!) :P
When I attended my first cocktail in Le Meridien with one of the director (which is now my mentor aka Azian...) and 2 other colleagues, I won the grand lucky draw.... It was 2 days 1 night stay at the Royal Club Suite with breakfast for 2!!! (Best giler ok... with me coming without a name card!! and I won??? SHWEEEEEET!!! Pure luck I must say) Well.... I don't mind attending to more cocktails if I were to get more prizes.... as for the food is just bonus... I am not a great eater myself!! (",)

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Cocktail @ Le Meridien

Cocktail @ Impiana Hotel