Monday, February 2, 2009

It has been ONE year???

Time passes so fast... It has been a year since I got married?? I can still remember the rush on getting things done! Kusyairy and I were running from one end to another just to get everything done on time and when the day came, we can't wait for the function to be over with so that we could go back to our normal life... (normal ker??? lepas dah kahwin dah berdua... :P) I still remember typing in my earlier blog about me being single for another day... and now I am married! One year sudahhh.... :p (Feel like it was just yesterday....)

It has been great one year and I hope for more years to come... Things has not change.... not even a bit... (rasa masih macam dulu-dulu masa tengah berdating-dating tue!!) Kusyairy and I still do things together... We still go out and watch movies... go have dinner together... and we will be heading to Kota Kinabalu this month with the "Taman Ehsan's" clan... (Yippie...) The he will be busy shooting his next episode .... Rosli Dhoby! When he first came home and told me that he got the leading role I thought he will be this guy name Rosli that owns a "dobi"... bleh ker??? Kusyairy then told me that it was not that sort of story but it was about a young guy name Rosli Dhoby who had killed the Governor when he was only 16 years of age.... Hopefully it will be a great episodes.... It is going to be in Sarawak dialect.... (I've been hearing "kamik... kitak...aoh.... sik.... hahaha.... but it's ok... I have always like the language and the slang! :P)

Just wanted to wish my soulmate "Happy One Year Anniversary" and hope for many many more years to come... ( I like the pressie!! Thank you...) and Happy Birthday in advance.... (I am only giving you one present for both occasion yer sayang... I hope you like it!) Semoga di panjangkan umur dah dimurahkan rezeki...Amin...

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