Monday, June 30, 2008

Lil'Wing a gift from Mummy

Look at this cute little creature!! It is so adorable!! I could not stop smiling when I open the package given to me by Mummy as my birthday gift. I have never imagine that Mummy knows what I like... She is just so sweet.... (Kusyairy was making faces... Hahaha.... Sorry sayang... I guess there is an additional to my soft toys!! )

I can never ask for a better family to be my in-laws. There are just fantastic. I love them just like my family.


Lil'Wings waiting for me!! Adorable kan??

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shoe Craze....

I am not sure why but lately I have been going crazy over shoes... It is not something new but just that I have not been really buying any this year... Tapi bila dah start membeli... Yang ampun... Just look at the damage done???!! I just can't control myself... Suddenly I need a new pair of heels... and gym shoes!!! Hehehe... (Alhamdullillah, Kusyairy understand my needs... Hehehe... Thank you sayang for all the shoes... )

Not only did I get shoes, shoes and more shoes... Look at what I bought??!! 2 dresses and one top!! (Ishhkkk... macam mana nak save duit nie!! Nak pergi Bandaung... Surabaya and Aussie this year??!!! Insya Allah ada rezeki lain... Hehehhe...) The next in my shopping list is "GADGET".... I wonder what will it be... heheh... (",)

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Dresses for work... (",)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BBQ at home…

Shara wanted to have a small little function for me at home and we had BBQ. (Untuk my birthday! Apa lagi?? Dahlah umur 28tahun!!!Hehehe…) I left the office at 5 and went to visit Omot. I just wanted to wish her “Happy Birthday”! It was sad… I was telling her how I had not have a cake since she passed away. I just cannot bring myself to blow the candles. (nasiblah semua orang faham … Sebenarnya, I don’t want any celebration cause it makes me sad… It is not the same since Omot passed away!!)

After visiting Omot, papa and Kusyairy started the fire, while Shara and my mom makes the salad.
(Ayam, Daging, and Kambing sudah di marinate since morning!) I only invited Cha-cha and wife, Syarinaz and Cit Jet for the BBQ. Feisal was in UK having the best time of his life!! (ahahhahah… Jealous tau!! I nak present dari sana!!!)

All of us started eating bit by bit from 7pm… Later, the “gombak gang” came… Shara brought her new friend, Sara… and Baby and the boyfriend turn up too… It was great to have all of them there at the BBQ but somehow deep down in my heart, I feel that it would be more fun if Omot was around…
(Thanks Kusyairy… for giving me the courage and support!) After the eating is done… Apa lagi it was the gile-gile photograph session with me and the crazy couz!! That’s what we do best!!


Kusyairy and I : Smile for the camera!!
Getting the fire started!!
The Crazy Couz in the house!!
The "CRAZINESS".. (",)
Another "Shara" in the family...

Damn... I am 28!

OMG!!! Turning 28??!!! Aiyakks... another year added to my age?!! Oh my!!... This is my third birthday without my late twin sister... I miss her dearly! I wish she was here with me and that we can both celebrate our birthday... and cut our shared cake... I have never wanted a birthday cake since her death... my close friends and family knows that whatever celebration we have for me, should not have any cakes... (tapi kalau dah ada orang bagi... potong jugaklah kan... but it would be sad for me...)

The eve of my birthday, Kusyairy took me out for dinner at Chilli's... We had a feast... We ordered alot of food... Chicken Ceasar Salad, Triple Play, Classic Nachos and Mushroom Jack Fajitas!!! The food was yummy! We could not go for dessert cause we were too full!! Hehhehe....

When the clock strike midnight, I open my card that was given to me by Kusyairy... and he read it to me... It was one of the sweetest moment and I will always treasure it!!(Thank you sayang and I will always love you too!!)


Look at the food! Yummy!!! Delicious!!

Goofing around!! (Hua hua hua...)

Enjoying our food!!

Syarinaz came and join after her gym sessions!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A little too much, I must say…

It all begins when my mom came back from Australia… She bought me some amazing stuff from there… I love all my three hoodies, pajamas, attitude baby-t and also my cupcake decorations… Superbly amazing! I have mentioned it to my husband that I wanted to get some new clothes for work. I think I went over the limit!! Hehehe… But I am still not done yet with my shopping, as my desired pair of pants is still not in my cupboard. Can't seem to get it… either it is too big or too small!! (Argghhhh… but I am determined to get it!!!)

Not only did I shop for clothes, I did get some gadgets too… (Not for me!!) It's for my mother and for my husband!! Mom lost her phone and she was really upset… Kusyairy and I decided to get her a new phone… (It felt great to see my mom happy!!) … and I decided to get PS2 for Kusyairy… (RED color! Smart gile wei… Even the controller is in red!) I wanted him to have some entertainment when I am not around!

Next in the list is a mini laptop, which I feel like asking Feisal to get me in UK… There are two in mind, which is the Elonex One or ASUS EeePC!! The EeePC looks better but I've seen a lot of that aound… the Elonex One is only saleable in UK… Since Feisal is heading there in a couple of weeks, I thought of getting it!! I would cost me less than RM700!! I think is a good bargain! Kusyairy and I have a laptop already is just that the second one will be for a basic one… (The one we have now is already changgih enough… Cuma is big for me to carry around!!) I better decide soon if I want to get it or not… More damage done!!!

For my cupcakes!!

My Three hoodies!! All Gorgeous!!
My two nighties!! The pink is just so cute!
This two is only RM50!! Good Bargain!!! (",)
A gift to my mom from Kusyairy and Moi!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A gift close to heart…

For the last four months, I have been looking for a white gold chain to buy with my mas kahwin given by Kusyairy. I know that I had to add more money but it was not a problem at all just that nothing has actually interest me…

My mom told me to go and see at Habib Jewel as it is having their mid year crash sale and I went to the one in Curve. Nothing interest me too… Kusyairy then told me to go see some chain at MY Diamond, and I felt in love with one chain! (Tanpa disedari, all my jewelry is from MY diamond! From merisik, to engagement, and my wedding band too!!!)

Without second thought, Kusyairy paid for it!! I guess it is an early birthday present for me!! (Thank you sayang… I really LOVE it!) Another additional jewelry from MY Diamond!!

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