Thursday, April 24, 2008

DELAYED??!!! 9 Hours????

I forgot to mention that the other day when I went to Bandung,our flight home got delayed… I was not surprise when I arrive the airport because it is so typical of Air Asia… but 9 hours??? That is toooooooooooooo long…. (Apa nak buat???!!!)

The first time the flight got delayed was for 3 hours which the plane is suppose to leave at 1pm… it was delayed to 3pm…
(Or was it 4pm??), my Indonesian friends took us out for lunch (We had J.CO Donuts and McDonalds) at this nearby shopping complex and when we came back the second time while waiting for the time to board the airport, papa told us the flight home has been delayed again to 6pm…. In between the waiting, we also heard that the flight might be canceled due to bad weather!! When it was 6pm, the flight was again postponed to 9pm… and this time around Air Asia has given a complimentary ticket (one way) to any destinations…. When it was 9pm, we were still in the waiting room… At about 10pm, we board the plane…. by that time we are already given 2 way complimentary tickets each passenger to come back to any destination in Indonesia… (Valid for 6 months!!!)

By the time I reach home it was 5am and I will be working. I thought that I would just take another day off when my big boss aka Boris Merkenich called looking for me. He wanted me to make reservations for him since he will be visiting KL office….
(Apa lagi kelam kabutlah siap2 pergi kerja…. Heheheh….)


Antara aksi2 menunggu flight yang delay 4 kali!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mama… Gone for a minimum of 3 weeks??!! Nooo….

I was at Kusyairy’s house when I receive a call from my mother. She told me that she accidentally dialed the wrong number. She wanted to call my dad but end up calling me. (Beza nyer, 3 number sahaja…) She told me that she might be going to Australia and I took it lightlt since I know that she is in Carrefour buying groceries….

The next morning
(I dah balik rumah Taman Tun the night before) when I was about to go to work, mama told me that confirm that she will be leaving for Melbourne in the evening!! I was “SHOCKED”!! I went to the office and settle all the things I have to do and went home to be with her… Cannot imagine without my mom for a minimum of 3 weeks… and maybe more… (I hope she will not be gone for a long time…)

I was talking to her the whole evening and when the time comes for me to send her to the airport, I went into the room and cried for a while… At the airport, I cried again when I had to part with her… I was never apart from her since my twin sister’s accident. Whenever we are apart,
(bila I balik rumah Kusyairy or go outstation) we can still communicate through the phone.

I told mama to take pictures of the places of where Nisha had went. I want to see the places Nisha use to go when she was in Melbourne to do her masters… I told mom to even get the picture of the shop when Nisha will buy my attitude baby tees!! One sweet day I will go there are see it for myself…
(Now, I am missing Nisha and Mama badly!!!)

Mama has gone for 2 days now and I miss her tremendously… What am I going to do???


Sempat ambik gambar mama before she leave for Australia…


I was browsing the internet when I came to this website where they do online selling and buying and I saw this “Coach” bag which I suddenly felt like browsing the official website. Usually I would go to Victoria Secret and Tous as those two are my favorite brands. I can get Tous in Malaysia but can’t get Victoria Secret in Malaysia except when they sell it at the street bazaar, which is expensive, and usually are the old stocks!!! I usually get mine through friends and relatives if they were to travel abroad or come to Malaysia for holidays.

Anyway, I visited Coach official website and I fell in love with the Signature Strip Patchwork. Just gorgeous!!! I went to look for them here at the Coach Stores but they do not have it… I am not sure whether it is new arrival or it has been out for a long time. It does not matter cause to me, it is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!! How I wish I could own them. Never have I imagine that I would like these expensive brands… but by just having a glance on it, I fell in love…
(Akan saya simpan duit dan cari jalan untuk “own” this bag… Hopefully when I travel to US, Insya Allah… I will have the money to buy or if I can buy it online and harap-harap it is cheap…. Apa lagi????!!!! Belilah!!! Heheheh… Will see how!!)

My dream bag for now and the matching items…

This wristlet another additional item that i would love to have!!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bandung Fever!!

The short holiday that I have been waiting for!!! 4 days in Indonesia with my husband, my parents and my extended family… well, it is something I have been looking forward for weeks… (Actually, to spending time with my parents and enjoying my first trip with my husband!!!)

Actually this trip was all paid for by my parents to all the people that had help my parents during the entire wedding that was held at my house… (dari Abang Om, to Mot’s wedding and last but not least, my wedding which was just held in February!!) A thank you gesture… An “EXPENSIVE” one, I must say…. Hahahah….

My husband and I had a blast…. Lot’s of damaged done… Need to recover soon!!! Men’s clothing is really cheap there and Kusyairy bought quite a number for his upcoming shooting… I think 15 pieces for the amount of RM400??!! Branded ones included…. (murah bangat!! Kalau nak compare to the amount if we were to buy in KL!!)

Not only that, I bough a lot of material to sell… Me and my husband to tend to sell it to friends and if the business is good we will decide to have a small business of our own. I will still be selling cookies (Motz Hazel Choc Cookies, Mots Godilocks and Mots Sugar Cookies) and cakes during raya… (There will be additional this Raya 2008!! Just wait and see!! Surely, i wll let you guys know.... Orders are welcome!!).I will be selling the ‘telekung’ during the haji period too. Feel free to find me if you need any of the items. As for now we are selling via direct selling and I guess will come with website soon… Order via email. (Semua ni dilakukan hanya untuk mendapat income yang lebih... Kalau tak successful, will find other options!!) Hopefully I can come with a website....


Pictures of Mr and Mrs Kusyairy

Just me being chicky...

Doing what I do best.... Shopping...