Thursday, December 27, 2007

Missing the past...

It was during Kusyairy’s discussion with the Production Manager for an upcoming drama he is suppose to act in when I have the feeling of missing what I used to do… TV Production… I miss the traveling, the excitement once the program is done, the satisfaction when the program is aired on TV and most of all I miss the nature of the job.

I listen to them (the crew of Duranni and also Kusyairy’s upcoming telemovies he is featuring) bitching about how terrible the previous production there were working for. How tiring and disorganized and so on… I guess everywhere is the same. Back when I was working for Astro Production, I remember the dissatisfaction my colleagues use to have with the management. Somehow, there are times I feel the same way too… It’s normal…

I remember there are times when my editing time begins at 2am!! And ends at 8am… and continue dubbing sessions at 11am for another 4 to 6 hours or so?? (lupa plak nak mention that the previous day I was in the office up to 6pm??!! Bleh ker?? Tapi masa tu macam dah jadi satu kebiasaan… now, I missing every bit of it!! The editing, the dubbing, the countdown and banyak lagi lah…) Imagine the long hours?? Somehow, I still miss those times… It is surely an experience to me… Deep down in my heart I wish I could go back into doing productions but I know it is not going to be suitable for me in the near future.

Imagine the life Kusyairy and I will be living?? We might only me like few days in a month?? Probably when he is out for shoots, I will be at home and when I am out for shoots, he will be at home… I guess it is something I have to sacrifice…. For now… (“,)

Now, I am working as an Administration Officer at CFC Seymour Limited, an investment company based in Hong Kong. It is more a relaxing job… not to mention working hours and Monday to Friday only!!! (tapi kadang rasa otak tak mengembang… tak banyak sangat kerja lagi… but cannot deny the fact that gaji and also the benefits are better here… Cuma job satisfaction tu kuranglah…)

Oh yeah… working for AMP aka Sinar FM was also fun. Was traveling around Malaysia almost every weekend to do events. It was fun and exhausted at times. Problem was the politics were terrible and I did not like it at all… (Politics are everywhere but AMP’s politics is terrible!!)

I was leading this on-ground team called ‘Ejen Sinar Ford Escape’ which is similar to Skuad Era Avanza and also HotFM MyVi Zoomers. There were 6 of us in the team with 3 girls and 3 guys.

I was the first lady coordinator aka special events executive in AMP. The other 6 are guys… (ni yang rasa bangga ni… hehehe….) After working there for a year, I decide to quit the job. The job has become a routine and there were no more challengers anymore. (I was offered a better job to be exact with better pay and better perks!!) I left… It was hard but it was for the better…

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"Ejen Sinar Ford Escape" : Tisha, Zeyra, Zie, Jaja, Zam and Shah

The launching of Ejen Sinar Ford Escape

My last event with the Ejen... :(

Sinar Geist : Sinar's official futsal team?? Hmmrmmm...

Raya mode : with the latest addition to our team, Syed Iskandar... aka Ejen Iskandar...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The story behind Kusyairy’s Wedding invitation cards…

It tooks us our 6th trip to Klang before we got the card printed correctly. I was already angry with the person in charge… aka Mona. The first time we went there to get the cards, the cards were not ready and not even printed. Only the envelope was ready. The weird and funny thing is that somebody from their side had call Kusyairy informing us to come pick up the cards. The cards are ready for collection…(hmrmm… sapelah yang agaknya telefon?? Buang masa dan minyak jer pergi Klang. Bukannya dekat!! About and hour drive to go and to come back!!!)

So they told us to give them another 2 days, which we did. Upon arrival at the shop in Klang, (fourth time ok!!!) we notice that the card is printed using the wrong color!! Imagine we had to pay extra 30 cents for each card so that the fond will be printed in gold but we end up getting it in maroon… They ask for another 5 days. Which we did give them the 5 days!!

On the 17th of December, we went to Klang for the 5th time to collect our cards. We were so happy until Kusyairy found an error in the card. The date is printed wrongly??!! I was about to lose my temper when I just walk out of the shop. (Tak faham betullah… macam mana bleh salah print since the previous card was printed correctly. I have even finalized the card for the third time!!! Kusyairy was about to burst when they ask for another 3 days???!! I told them that if there are more mistakes after this they have to deliver the cards to my house or Kusyairy’s… Yelah… up and down Klang consume a lot of petrol!!! Card pun dah jadi lagi mahal!!!!)

On the 21st, Kusyairy went to collect the cards and the cards belum siap even after I called Mona to confirm the time to collect the cards!!! Mona told me to come collect the cards at 4.30??!!!! Kusyairy went ther at 5 and the cards belum siap?? Belum sampai??? (Bodo betullah!!! Apa lagi…. I called Mona ask give her a piece of my mind… She called me back and say that the cards will be there in 5 minutes… It was not 5 minutes but instead it took them half an hour.) My brother had to fetch me from the LRT station since Kusyairy is stuck at Klang waiting for the cards…

Hehehe…. Dugaan!!!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Bangkok CANCEL!!

There goes my trip with Shara to Bangkok. We had to cancel the trip since Shara was not well. She had to go for a nose surgery. I know that she will be out of the hospital but I did not want to take the risk, as Shara is not fully recover. If she were to suddenly fall sick there, what am I going to do??? Hmrmm… I guess luck was not on our side… Some other time k Shara??… (Probably I would go with Kusyairy after our wedding?? It would be fun…)

So that weekend, Shara and I went to the Street Bazaar at the Curve. I told Shara to pretend that as if we were at Chatucak, Bangkok… Heheheh… (the only difference is that in Bangkok the prices would be cheaper and that the are more to see and buy!!)

To not waste any of the annual leave I took, I went out with my mom. We did some shopping for the wedding. I bought a “lenga” for the malam berinai. It is red in color and it is beautiful. I guess the theme for my malam berinai will be Bollywood. Mom and I plan to serve India food to our guests… Roti canai, Tosai, Capati, with curry, dal and many more… (yet to be confirm!!)

We also went to the tailor for fitting. My dress for nikah is almost ready. Belum buat beading jer lagi!! It is gorgeous. Simply beautiful. I am so happy with it… My other dresses are not ready. I have to wait for the next fitting which will be two weeks from now…

My mom and I went to even go buy my bed at One Utama. The bed is fit for a princess… That’s what I told my mom when I first saw it. My mom liked it too. The bed will be send to my house on January 15th… Lepas ni kena shop for my mattress plak… I might ask my parents to go with me to where Kusyairy bought his mattress for his room. (would see how, since papa has a friend selling mattress… papa might be able to get a cheaper price!!)

Sheeessshhh…7 more weeks and my wedding cards belum order lagi??? How come???

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

~ The Arrival of my Victoria Secret ~

I was out with Sharinaz. Teman dia pergi buat threading. I wish I had the guts to do it. Whenever I tell myself to try it out, mesti I back out when I reach the place… Hmrmm… but I really have to do it before the wedding!! It would be good...

After that we had coffee at Coffeebean, Bangsar Village II. Met Encik Shahfeisal there. He was with his family. He is no longer in Astro. He opens his own business with another friend. He gave me his card but told me not to share with any of the Astro staff... nak (Hmrmm… Nak share ngan sape Encik Shah?? i pun dah tak keep in touch ngan orang-orang Astro. I better give him a call, manalah tahu bleh dapat part time job during weekends. As if I don’t have anything to do lah kan?? Hmrmm… Never mind, I would find the time even if I have cookies to bake…)

Sharinaz wanted me to follow her to Ampang. Nak hantar script to a talent for event tomorrow. I agreed to follow her until I remembered that Mak Ita would be coming to the house with all my Victoria Secret…. (Sheeeshhh… Victoria Secret is on the way!!!! Sorry Sharinaz…. Tak jadi plak I nak pergi ngan you… Been waiting for my Aunt to come back…)

Mak Ita is back from New York with all my Victoria Secret!! WHOAAAHHHH!! YEEEHAHHHH…. Hrmmm… Could not stop smiling!! Mak Ita bought for me everything that I ask for… Bestnyer!!! Anyway, it cost me almost RM600!! It was worth it!! Love them all… Got the “pure seduction” and the “love spell” collection and also the “very sexy” make up!! (Thank you Mak Ita!!)

Hmrmm… Wedding dah dekat tapi lagi banyak plak belanja untuk benda lain… Hehehe.. Dugaan!! Macam mana nie???

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shaggy’s performance was GREAT!!!

Shara and I wanted to see Whitney from the day we know she was coming to town. The only thing was, I did not want to pay for the tics since I have so much things to pay, specially since the wedding is just around the corner and also because of the trip to Bangkok and I must mention here that I will have to pay for Victoria Secret stuff I ask my aunt to buy in New York… (gile banyak nak bayar…. Hrmmm.. I will manage, Insya Allah!!)

When we were having lunch at Midvalley, her brother called and say that he will be getting free tics but will only be able to confirm later in the evening to how many tics he will be giving us.

It was when Shara, Abang Om, Kusyairy and I were heading to Uptown for dinner when Sharain called and told Shara that there are 3 tics. Shara, Sher (Shara’s friend… very the funny guy… kepala pun gile-gile macam shara and I) and I went for the concert… We were so excited to see Whitney Houston.

After all the Malaysian artistes perform, Shaggy and Whitney concert begun. The crowd enjoyed Shaggy’s performance. So did I… Shaggy sang Angel, Mr. Lova Lova, It wasn’t Me, A new single from his album and many more… It was very entertaining…. After performing more than 7 songs, it was Whitney’s turn… took her at least an hour or was it more??? Before she came out to perform, by that time everyone was tired.

I was so tired of standing and I told Shara, I am going to the back.I was suffocating. (Bau orang punya ketiak ok??!! Gile busuk!!) I no longer want to be at the front of the stage. When we were about to make a move to the back Whitney came out… (Bleh ker??? Begang betul!!) It was not as good as we hoped for… After watching Whitney perform 2 of her songs we decided to go home… Poor Whitney!! Alot of people left when she started performing...

We were so tired. Shara had to leave her car at my house and Sher had to drive her back. I have to wake up early at 8.30am for the Aussino warehouse sale. Shara woke up 12.40pm… hehehe… Opps… (Sorry ara...I mention it here… )

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Interesting weekend!! Wuuhoooo….

I had a very interesting weekend this week. I went to the warehouse sale on both days, Saturday and Sunday. It was tiring but it was worth it!! Love it… I have gone once, back in my production days in Astro. It was Adidas warehouse sale in Shah Alam. Till today I still have one baby-t that I still have, unused… (sayanglah… masa tue, I tengah gile main futsal, so I bought a couple of baby-t… but there’s a particular one yang I sayang nak pakai pasal it’s embossed and it’s gorgeous!! Hehehe…. I know that I have to use it… Imagine the baby-t is already 3 years old!! Not used!!)

Shara and I started out our journey to Cheras… (warehouse sale for Toys!!) as early as 8am but only reach the place at 9.15am. It took us longer than we thought, as we were going round and round. (padahal, the warehouse was just around the corner where we have actually pass about 10 times!!!) We bought nasi lemak and had breakfast in the car since we wanted to save time… We want to reach early so that we can have a better selection of toys. It was not that fantastic but there are toys that it is really cheap… I was hoping to buy some Barbie but there aren’t any. (similar macam Barbie adalah… but was not interested in it…) I spend RM99 for 6 items. I bought for my niece, my future niece and also for Kusyairy. I bought an action figure for Kusyairy… (Gundam or apa ntah… it was cheap… from RM150, it was mark down to only RM65!!)

After that we head to Midvalley for lunch. We had chicken rice at Chicken Rice Shop… We did not buy anything, just did some window-shopping. Trying to safe for our trip to Bangkok this mid December. There will be more shopping to do there in Bangkok… Yeeehhaaaaaa…

Shara and I wanted to get some rest before going to Live and Loud, got free tickets from Ain… (Thanks Ain!) but Shara had to go do her curtains for her room and I had to go to another warehouse sale at Kompleks Selayang… Aussino. I planned to go to warehouse sale with Kusyairy but end up going with Kusyairy’s sister, Nana. Kusyairy had to go for a last minute casting. The producer called him to come at 2pm.

The Aussino sale was superb!! By the time I reach there, nothing much is left. Nana bought to lovely bedspread for only RM49.90. (for both ok!!) So, I decide to go again the next day with Kusyairy, which I did. We were there 35 minutes before it was open. (gile banyak manusia!!!) Everyone was going here and there grabbing everything that they can grab… Kusyairy stayed at one corner, and I was doing the grabbing.

I tried grabbed all the bed sheet, pillows, comforters, quilt covers… Everything that I think is suitable for both Kusyairy and my room… Then at the corner where Kusyairy was standing is where we both decide which we both agreed for our rooms. Then it was Kusyairy’s turn to go for the grabbing sessions… Hehehhe… It was an experience for both of us. We had to wait almost an hour to pay for our stuff!! It was fun but tiring. We were able to have our breakfast and lunch only at 12.30pm.

I bought a lot of stuff for my room and also for Kusyairy’s room… It was good. There will be another sale this coming weekend. I surely love to go. (Kusyairy is willing to take me… Yeay! Yeay)

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