Monday, October 22, 2007

Wedding @ Carcosa

Imagine having a wedding held at Carcosa Seri Negara??!!! WOW is the word when I first got the invitation card to my cousin's wedding... Only inviting 110 guests!!! I am one of them??!!

Hmrmm... Initially I was suppose to go to the wedding with Kusyairy but since he is commited to his job (sepatutnya dah dapat time out tapi tiba-tiba the director tarik scene...) he could not attend the wedding... So, I ask Feisal to go with me... Another day out with Feisal!! Dah lah previous night we went out jugak... We had the world best Garlic Cheese Nan!!! (and seperti biasa, we did not go to the gym!! kan dah kata hangat-hangat tahi ayam!!)

Feisal wanted to strangle me... due to last minute changes of clothing!! I change my mind at least 4 times... I was not sure what I should be wearing... I wanted to use Mot's prom dress but I was afraid I will be out of place... then change to baju kebaya and then back to the dress... At last I decide to go in Baju Kebaya!! Masa tu, Feisal has already wore his formal clothing... He has to change... heheh.... Sms yang diberi oleh Feisal, 'Remind me to strangle you when I see you!!'.... I laugh at it eventhough hati masa to tengah tertekan and I was a bit angry for not having any choice of baju kebaya to wear!! (Arggghhh.... I need to get some baju kurung and baju kebaya... semua dah longgar and out dated!!!)

At about 7.45pm, Feisal came to fetch me at home. My parents went earlier... We were placed at table number 3 (my parents kena duduk kat main table!! Kesian mama...) at it was betul-betul depan the main table. Seated with one of the ex-minister of Malaysia, we did have fun... The guests on our table were all funny and cool people. Being the young ones, we did have too...

Since, it was my first wedding I attended at Carcosa, (Feisal too!!) we actually took pictures of all the food... From the appertizer to the dessert!! (Setiap kali sebelum nak makan, Feisal and I will actually take a picture...) Cuma masa the dessert, both of us terus makan... half way, baru teringat nak take picture. Apa lagi, cepat-cepatlah ambik gambar eventhough dah makan...

Once dah habis makan, it was the ambil gambar sessions... After that, it was the time for the bride and the groom to cut the cake. Cake was not serve to us.. Cuma, the bride and groom jer makan. The night ended when Aryan and Zanni took the floor and dance to a song...

Opps... lupa plak nak citer pasal The Akad Nikah!!!

The akad nikah was held at Masjid Wilayah in the morning, same day. My dad happens to be one of the saksi as the father to the bride has just passed away a couple of months ago... It must be sad not to have one of your beloved parents on their special day... Zanni was the closest to the the father...Hmrmm... Everything went well as planned...

Akad Nikah in English?? It was the first time I hear Akad Nikah in English... (Rasa macam senang giler... heheh... but my dad told us that the groom was shaking and once it was done, he says... 'that was tough'!!! hehehe....) The Akad Nikah was in English because he is not from Malaysia and does not speak Malay. Baru convert to Islam lah katakan... Aryan is from Arizona. Get the picture??

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Another day without the fiance.... Dammmnnn....

Getting bored without Kusyairy around, I decided to ask Feisal out to the gym... He agreed.... I guess it had been such a long time since I lepak with him!! Lepas kerja, he picks me up at the LRT station in Bangsar , head home to get my gym gear and head to Fitness First in Curve.

To my surprise, I was inform by Feisal, he started work already. I was asking him so many question at one time... I keep on questioning him why was I not inform that he started work... hahah... (Walaupun I sangat jealous because he got a good job and need to mention here, good pay, I am happy for you!!) I guess you need to belanja me with your first pay... As if he never belanja me!!! (",)

Anyway, masa kita tengah ala-ala workout we keep updating each other about what we missed out while we were both busy with our own thingy... Him with his gf, his studies and 'NEW WORK'... me plak with my work and Kusyairy and also the wedding!! Hrmm... I am not sure sama ada we were working out or we were actually catching up on things... (Rasa macam 15 minutes on the machine and 30 minutes chatting!!!)

After we finish our ala-ala workout, I told him that I want to take a shower and that I will need only 20 minutes... Feisal say... 'We meet kat bawah in half an hour...' Believe it or not, I took more than 45 minutes!!! Hahah.. Kesian Feisal....!! Surprise Sorry Feichi... I was taking my sweet time... masuk the steam room for 10 minutes, took a shower, wash and blow my hair lagi.. Mintak ampun!!!

After that we head to Uptown Hawkers. We had Yong Tau Foo... Workout taklah seberapa sangat tapi bila makan, macam all the energy macam dah habis... As if we had run on the treadmill for an hour. (poyo jer!!)

While having dinner, got an sms from my parents telling me to come home... There are guests (Crin and the family - my late sister's husband and the family) at home and they are waiting for me to come home.... Damn!!! I was enjoying dinner with Feichi!! Hmrmm... With that, Feichi and I planned to go to gym again tomorrow evening... (Hangat-hangat tahi ayam jer... I think lah... Let's just wait and see....)

Later that night, I went out again with Shara (one of the crazy couz) and Cit Jet with her couz... With my brother tagging along!! We lepark at my favourite spot... Where else can it be... MOHSIN!! Mohsin Syndrom as mama says... Hehehe.... It took Shara almost an hour to decide what she wants to eat... Imagine an hour to order her food??!! As usual, she did not finish her food.... Typical Shara... (Shara loose....a nickname my sister and I gave her when were kids!!)

It will be more fun + havoc if we were to have another cousin of ours with us!! (Baby aka Elliza) Put the three of us at one place is equivelant to 'kegilaan' melanda... We will be laughing our ass off... Big Smile

The math theory to us three...

SHARA + ELLIZA + TISHA = 3 Stooges = Charlie Angels = THE CRAZY COUZ !!

Would write about 'The Crazy Couz'... soon!! (",)

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

- A week without my fiance -

Imagine me without Kusyairy for a week???!! I'll be Sad!!! Rasa macam nak nangis!!! cry A week is like not having to see him for 7 days, 168 hours, 10080minutes and 604800 seconds!!! NOOOOOOOO....... What am going to do without him ?? Hmrmm... We can only sms and call... NO video calls!! Argghhh.... Kuala Selangor takder 3G coverage!! Dammnnnn....

Kusyairy will be away for a week, shooting his next telemovie!! Big Smile It's called 'Rel Waktu".... He will be acting with Zarina AF2!! Hmrmm... Just done with 'Mak, Ummi, Ibu, Mama'... now 'Rel Waktu'!! I guess I have to just accept the fact that is the nature of his job that he has to go for his shoots away from me... *sob*... (macam lah tart tak faham kerja baby kan??.. tart pun was in the same line before this!!) I am proud of him... honestly... I don't care what the world thinks about him, bottom line, I think he is a superb guy!! Just the ideal guy for me...

Anyway, let me share abit about him... In school, where I met Kusyairy (back in UiTM, Shah Alam) friends call him Beto. He was one of the popular guys and one of the good looking ones (bukan nak puji because he is my fiance but honestly he is one of the good looking ones... banyak peminat lah katakan...)in our faculty.. Mixing with the in-crowd!! Me... I was not even close to the in-crowd... I was anti-social that is what Pie says!!!Whatever lah....

4 siblings in total and he is the third child! Elder brother, elder sister and a baby sister. 3 years apart from each sibblings... Good planning I must say!!Tongue He has been raised up in Taman Ehsan, Kepong by two wonderful parents... (soon to be my parents in law!! )

Kusyairy has many friends... tons to be exact! Friends he has now, are the ones he have since he is still in dypers... (exgerate jer sebenarnya... since kindergarten to be exact...) He is loyal to his friends and will always be there for them... one of his good qualities... To be honest, his friends are just like him... Not all but most of his friends... (the one in Taman Ehsan lah... yang lain tu i tak berapa kenal...) One of the earliest friend I was introduce to is Chacha... his bestfriend. We use to hang out together in Shah Alam when both of us were still studying. Now, Chacha is married to a girl (dulu diaorang sekolah sama-sama kat Taman Ehsan!! Fate bring them together...) and just got a baby girl...

Kusyairy... As I am well aware of, he is an easy going person. He loves outdoor activities, martial arts and gadgets. He loves photography too. He hates back stabbers (No forgiveness for that!) and liars... including talam dua muka. He is a cat lover too... Loves his family, friends and.... ME!!

He loves chocolates and ice cream (Haagen Dazz to be specific!!) Dislike mamak food (Anything to do with mamak curry!!) Loves nasi goreng kampung with telur dadar... and not to forget sirap limau laici but his latest crave is apple + orange juice!!Hurmph

Let's get back to what am going to do without Kusyairy for a whole week??!! I could probably... hmrmrmm....

1. Go to the gym... (Boleh ker?? Macam malas jer)

2. Meet friends? Chill with friends? Catch up with the latest gossips? Bitching sessions???

3. Start planning on the wedding (without Kusyairy??!!)

4. Cover tidur yang tertunggak?

5. Watch One Tree Hill over and over again??!!!

Damn.... There is more to do when Kusyairy is around! I will be able to catch movies, window shopping, laugh at each others joke.... plan for the wedding... go food hunting, spend hours at the mamak store... Owh y goodness... the list can go on.... So my dearest sweetheart....Please come home quick! You are needed by me! Life is a bore without you....

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Raya Celebration

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir Batin (",)

Another Raya Celebration... Sama jer like the other 2 Raya Celebrations in the past...I guess it will be like this for many many more years to come... I will feel the emptiness and the sadness of celebrating Raya... Nothing will be the same since Opah, Motz and Boo passed away...The only difference is that this time around, I am Kusyairy's fiance. Mama told me that Raya Celebration has to be celebrated by me and in the near future I will have a family and that I will have to celebrate Raya like we use too, but how can I?? It is not as easy as it seem when all my mind can think of is Raya without Motz??? (Perasaan yang ada tue macam NO NISHA, NO RAYA!!)

I spend some time with my in-laws to be during the eve of Hari Raya...We planned to go to Jalan TAR but it was raining heavily... Half way there, I call my dad to ask how's the weather and papa told me it's raining heavily. Papa was suppose to go pick up "lemang" at Kampung Bharu. Since, it was raining, all of us decide to just turn back and go home...

Early in the morning, I woke up and iron my baju kurung... Percaya ke tidak, I did not tempah any new baju for Raya... If Motz was still around she will be angry. I remember the year she passed away was the last time I actually have a new baju kurung for Raya and it was all hers... I did not make any new ones for myself that year and Motz was upset... She told me that she will give me one, but instead she gave me all her new baju kurung...

Like the past two years, after the morning prayers, my parents ziarah Motz's house... Mama will bring flowers for her.. I could not go due to some reasons... (malu plak nak cakap kenapa!!!) but I will go visit you once I can... I will Motz!! That's for sure...

After that it was all boring... I practically stayed in my room the whole time/day... There were lots of visitors, but I guess I was not in the mood to entertain... I don't feel like answering the questions asked... Rather than being rude, I might as well just stay in the room... Lepas salam-salam... masuk bilik...

At night, Kusyairy came to my rescue... He took me out for a drink and we talk... He is aware that I miss Motz very much... I dapat duit raya!!(Dah tua-tua ni pun dapat duit raya tau... Does not matter how much I get, is the thought that counts!!!)

Another Raya goes by with nothing exciting stories to tell... probably next year will be different... Insya Allah, I will be Kusyairy's wife.... (",)

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Motz's Hazel Choc Cookies (",)

Motz's Hazel Choc Cookies anyone?? I am selling cookies not just for the festive season but also throughout the year... I take orders for hampers, cookies, cakes, muffins and also cupcakes... (",) As for now, I am promoting my Motz's Hazal Choc Cookies...

Motz's Hazal Choc Cookies taste really good!! I guarantee... All my customers and friends are happy with the cookies... They say it's nice and taste very good and the way I pack my cookies are exteremely beautiful... (Auwww!!Sungguh terharu... I'm flattered!!)

The cookies are made from butter, brown sugar, whole hazel nut, corn flour, flour, cooking chocolate and not to forget almond nips!!! I like the biscuit to the cookies without the chocolate but Kusyairy loves the cookies with EXTRA chocolate... Hahahah... Abby loves the chocolate only.... (Baik makan chocolate jer!! Hahah... Jangan marah babe)

You guys might feel that Motz's Hazel Choc Cookies will just taste like London Almond!! It is similiar but the difference is I use a whole hazel nut in the biscuits and pour chocolate on top of the biscuits and showered it with alot of almond nips on the top. I name my it Motz's after my late sister... Friends and customers did ask me why I do not put or use my name... (No special reason, just want it to be named after my late sister... My other cookies are also name after her... Motz's Sugar Cookies, Motz's Goddilocks and many more... Ada berangan nak name my little business "From Motz's Oven"!! Cool tak??) Come on support my little business... so any orders??

It has been almost two months since I have started baking cookies... (Bukannya I tak buat all this years... hehehhe...) Everyday after work, I will head home after berbuka puasa... If I were to berbuka puasa with Kusyairy at his house or anywhere else which is not home and spend most of my time in front of the oven... I will bake till 1 in the morning just to make sure that my cookies will be delivered on time... I have taken a lot of orders and I have to make sure my clients will be satisfied with it!! (",)

Hope for many more orders to come... Check out my cookies... Will upload more picture of my hampers and other cookies soon... Just email me at for orders!! (",)

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Smile for the camera!! (",)

Chocolicous... Nyum!! Nyum!!

After all the bakings!!! I stillhave the smile on the face... (",)

Mot'z Hazel Choc Cookies