Tuesday, February 2, 2016

8 years and counting of being Mrs Beto Kusyairy

1.2.2008. I can never forget the excitement I was feeling that day. *Actually not just that day but every time I am about to see that smile that will melt my heart* Just that on that particular day, I was going to be his officially wife. I am not just getting married to a guy I fell in love with but I am marrying my bestfriend. *Hapiness*

As usual we never did really plan on celebrating our anniversaries. We only make it a point to wish and go out for dinner. I remember the early years of my marriage, we won’t be able to celebrate. Most of the time he will be working. Up to maybe the 5thyear??!!!  *Tipulah kalau kata tak merajuk tapi kena lah sabar. Kalau dia tak keja mana nak dapat duit, ye tak?* I remember there was one year, we actually had McD to celebrate our anniversary. Packed and makan kat luar rehearsal room kat Aswara! Well… it was better than nothing kan? Don’t take it wrongly ok… He usually makes it up for it,! After all his commitment towards work is done, he will take me for a proper dinner.

Alhamdullillah, the pass 3 years he makes it an effort to make sure he is able to take me out for dinner on our anniversary. *Blessed okay?* This year he took me to Hard Rock CafĂ©. Konon nak romantic-romantic sekali Abang Awie and his friends was there lah pulak.! Haha… Abang Awie personally came to me and wish me. *Honored sangat! Maklum lah legend rock kat Malaysia datang wish kita. Hiks.*

K bought me a present and he took me for foot reflexology to end the day. Sweetness. I could not ask for a better celebration. 

Heart always, Missy Tishita

No matter how rough the journey gets, as long as I am holding your hands, I know that we will be ok. (",)


My dearest Kusyairy, 

Happy Anniversary.! Tart sayang Bee sampai akhirat. I love you. Always have. Always will. 

Love always, Tart. 


P/S : Nadira, this post is for you since you selalu ask bila nak tekan the publish button... So here it goes. *Hiks* More to come occay??? Tunggu jer... (",)