Monday, July 22, 2013

Just sharing...

Wowwaweee…. Time flies. Without us realizing it, it’s already coming to the end of the year in approximately 4 months. Gosh! Since I have some spare time, I thought why not post an entry. I have abandoned this blog of mine for many many months! *Pengsan*.

This very instant, it’s the fasting month. Alhamdullillah belum tinggal lagi. Today is day 13. *Woots* So far so good. I am hoping to shed all the weight I put on since I started working in Exxon. Hurrmmm…. Did I mention I started working in Exxon as a contract secretary? Maybe I did! *Age is catching up* I can do this!

Soul has been busy working. He just finish filming a film title CEO and a telemovie for Hari Penjara. Now, he is taking 2 weeks break until the end of Ramadhan. I think he deserves the break. The sad part about him taking the break now is that I will be working!! I have approximately 4 months left before my contract ends. Sheeeessh! I am saving my off days for our year end vacation… To where??? Hurrrmmmm…. Secret lagi! *WinkWink*

Just feel like sharing… I know it might be old news but who cares… It’s my entry and my blog kan??? Sometime in early June, Soul won the best Male Actor alongside Sharifah Amani as best Female Actor in Anugerah Tribute to P.Ramlee. I am so proud of them but mostly, I am proud of my Soulmate. He deserve it! After all the things he has gone through, finally, a recognition. I have faith in him. I have many time say to him one day he will be recognize… not for being popular but for the effort he has put in on every projects he decide to take. Syukur! Alhamdullillah!

I celebrated my birthday of 33 years a month ago. There was no celebration. I did not want one. Ever since Nish left us, I hated birthdays. I did not like celebrating it without her. It feels not right. Soul knows about it. He will just take me out for a meal and get me a present! Presents, I like! Hahaha… This year I got a camera and lots of items from Victoria Secret! Me love all of it!!!! *Thank you Sayang*Okay…. Enough ranting….

Anway, I am ending this entry with a couple of photos. Sharing is caring kan…

Thank you for reading!

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[Updating Via Phone] 

The two shouts out from Soul to me! Isn't he the sweetest??!!! YES!!!! 😍

Us at the Anugerah Tribute P. Ramlee! 

Picture of us on my birthday... 

Last but not least, another picture of us during our first buka puasa with friends this year...