Monday, April 16, 2012

Life.... *Ramdoness*

Hola!!! OMG???!! Third entry for this year????? *WootS* This is something random. Read and enjoy...

In life.... There will be a moment in time that you feel the world just crashed in front of you. No matter how you think you will be prepared for it... It will still break you into pieces. *Sad but that's the reality'.

A friend told me once.... Allah takkan duga umat dia sekiranya dia tahu kita takkan boleh hadapi dugaan yang akan diterima. *Wallahuallam*

No matter how close or far the person is to us, one moment in time, they will hurt us. That I believe. *Kita manusia kan* Sometimes, we just feel that we are the lucky ones. We thought that what we have given and sacrifice is enough and that above all, we matter the most. I believe now that no matter how much a person love's us, we will get hurt.

When something does happen that we are not prepared for, all we have to do is just have faith and believe that we will get through this. The outcome might not be what we desire or what we hope for but in time, it might be the best for us. *Haishhh... Senang cakap kan??? Cuba kalau kena batang hidung sendiri. Terduduk... Terlentang.... Meraung... Semualah!*

In every story... There is some drama. You don't hurt and risk what you have. Treasure what you have cause you won't know what you might lose and what you have in the future might be worst than what you think you currently have. *Orang tua kata bersyukur dengan apa yang ada*

In conclusion to all this, always remember that, life is a bitch but karma is worst. What we do, others might not see.... The Al-mighty sees everything. It might look and sound easy but let's just pray when we are in this situation, we are strong enough.

That is for now... Nak main badminton with friends. Till the next entry, take care! *SmileS*

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The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for!-Bob Marley

Monday, April 2, 2012


Hola!! Woots!!! Surprise! Surprise! I'm back! For real?? *Hehe* This entry will be about my first attempt experiencing the fishing fever that my friends are going through...

I was invited a couple of times by my close friends to accompany them... I had to turn them down... Fishing time was 12 - 5am???!! That was the promo time. It will only cost them RM50 for 5 hours. If it was not for the promo, it will be RM15 for every hour.... *Mahal kan?? Kalau pergi 3 orang for 3 hours... I will have RM135! I can get a hell lot of fishes from the market! What???!!!*To them... It's the satisfaction of catching the fish themselves.... That is what they say! *Apa-apa jelah.... Asalkan happy*

How did I end up going... Well, Soulmate was still shooting Jangan Ambil Padang Kami and he inform me that he will be back late. He told me to join my friends. Since they were only going for 2-3 hours, I told myself... Why not?! We left PJ at 8.30 and head to Port Klang. We needed to reach there by 9.30. When I we reach there I was rather surprise. I thought it will be a place with no chairs... no lights... and lots of nyamuk! *dah siap pakai insect repellent!* I was wrong... The place is very much comfortable than I expected. *Yeay for me*

Fishing.... Perlukan kesabaran yang sangat tinggi. Do I have that much patience? Hurrmmm.... If I have a good book and good friends around me while I fish, I don't think I will have a problem with it. But..... I don't have to the heart to see the fish suffer when they are caught! It's sad! *I feel like cutting the rope they tied the fishes they caught while they continue fishing.... Nasib baik Feisal stop me... He says, nanti orang marah! Sigh....* The whole 3 hours I was there... I keep saying in my heart.... 'Go away fish! Don't come here'....

Hurrmm... Given a choice... I will still go and accompany my friends. It was nice! I like the chit-chat session we had. Were I ever get addicted to fishing??!! *Not for now... If I ever start... It will be... 'Catch and Release'.... I don't have the heart to kill the fish*

I guess that is all for now... Don't forget to catch 'Jangan Ambil Padang Kami' starting this 9th April 2012. Marilah support Soulmate saya! *Wink*


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