Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March??!! End of March??!!!!!!!!

End of March already????? For real??? Believe it or not.... this is my first entry for the year 2012!!!!!!!! Where have I been???? What have I been up too? *Haishhh... Busy sangat sampai takleh update ke??? * Hehehe... Anyway, I am back. Hopefully this time I will be able to update more often.... *Doa-doakan je lah.... *

Over the few months I have been doing a bit of traveling... For leisure, accompanying my Soulmate and also for work. I might need more than one entry to write about them all.... I will try my best?! *Insya Allah* I know I still owe an entry on my trip to New York!!! Gosh, that was ages.... *Pengsan*

Anyway, I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for the continuous support on reading my blog. I have never thought it will actually be readable. * Terperanjat bile ada yang tweet dan private message asking me to update my blog... So here, I am updating this for all of you!* The purpose of having this blog was to actually fill up my time when I was working permanently years back. *Bile takde keja kat office, blogging was one of the activity!! Heheheh... *

On another note, would also like to thank you all for the support you have given my Soulmate. Thank you for the endless compliment. Thank you for those that follow Pelangi Kasih from the start till the end. Rest assured he is not like Zafrul in person. That is just a character. *Wink* Do catch him on his next series 'Jangan Ambil Padang Kami' on Astro... Starting April 9th *Hehe... Siap promote ni*

It's almost 3am now and Soulmate is back from work. Will write again... Soon! *Insya Allah*


  1. ;) rinduuuuuuu nak baca post kat blog nih. ;)

    glad to hear updates from youuuu! :)

  2. ~ akhirnya..!!!! punya lama tunggu..!! baru ader nih..terima kasih sbb updet..and..tak ske nk layan "pelangi kasih" sbb your soulmate jahat la..!! ahahaha..tp ske jeks nak layan "geng surau" byk kali sbb ske tgk ur soulmate dlm drama tuh..and u know what..kalau beto ader berlakon dalam memana drama..sure i akan tgk..!!

  3. my kakak is already come back. welcome back kak. I miss u so much! :-)

  4. rinduRINDUrinduRINDUrinduRINDUrinduRINDUrinduRINDUrinduRINDUrinduRINDUrindu!
    miss you so much,kakak.
    keep writing,ok. =)

  5. i think i saw u in danau kota last saturday...near tmpat org jual2 brg2 camping...is it u or sum1 else?just to make sure...=)

  6. Wahhhh....akhirnye akak update jgk blog...
    sukeeeeenyee bole bace2....
    tenkiuuu akak....;D

  7. F I N A L L Y ~

    you did it ! woohooo ~
    Anyway , keep on updating kayyy .
    jangan next entry is on End of April pulakkk :p

    p/s : Pelangi Kasih Besttt ;) Good job for Abg Beto .

  8. at lastt...!!!!!!!!!!
    keep it up ...kak tish..
    ramai fans ni....i'm siti ashikin...who kept disturbed u on tweeter..hehehehe.....
    ...TEROS KAN mngUPDATE Blog yg cool ni....