Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It has been....


OMGucci!!!! OMPrada!!! It has been ages since I last post and entry! *Banyak betul things to write but kalau dah lama tu mulalah perasaan malas tu ada.... kan?*

Anyway, I hope I will have the kerajinan to write more often after this! Sheeeessshhh!! Nanti tahu-tahu the next entry will be 2 months from now! *Pengsan* I will try not to let myself go down that road again.... *Praying hard*

Before I forget, I would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf Zahir and Batin. If I have hurt anyone unintentionally or intentionally, please do forgive me! Have a blast Raya.

It has been quite a busy Ramadhan for me. I had loads of pineapple tarts and cookies to bake. It has been my little business for almost 5 years now. *Alhamdullillah* Not only that, this year I had orders for a wedding giveaways. *Insya Allah will upload the pictures soon*

Hurrrmmm.... Changing the topic to my Soulmate... At this very moment, he is in Kelatan shooting another telemovie directed by Erma Fatima called "Selagi Cinta Berzikir" *Hurrmmm.... Kalau korang minat the chemistry between Beto and Nani, this will be their next project together! Woots* Oh yeah.... another series not to be missed is Wasiat every Wednesday at 10pm on Prima feat Beto Kusyairy, Sara Ali, Farid Kamil, Yasmin Hani Richardson, Azhan Rani and many more.... Directed by Faisal Ishak! Eh... Jangan lupa.... Sesungguhnya is also on air now.

On another note, please pray for our safety... We will be leaving for Istanbul this Tuesday for another shoot. *Wink*

Till next time.... Woots!!

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  1. i like the chemistry of them...baru2 ni ada cte sesungguhnya kt ria kn,,,best citer tu,,,sy sgt suka,,,hehe...send my regard to abg beto..for kak tisha, selamat hari raya,,,upload la gambar raya...

  2. it very much...the chemistry between ur soulmate and Nani menjadikkk!! huhuhu...

  3. dah tunggu lama for kak tisha nya entry .bace blog kak tisha best :D saya doakan kebahagian kak tisha ngan abg beto semoga berkekalan hingga akhir hayat amin ^_^

  4. Assalamualaikum Mrs. Beto,
    I am a new fan of your soulmate and indirectly to you too. I love the way you talk you about your soulmate, its really sound sweet and loving. I wish you will grow old together and happilly ever after. Send my best regards to him and have a nice time in Istanbul.

  5. Hallu:> haiii kak,update selalu yerr.ur post sumer best-best^^

  6. hai my dear tisya...still remember me? ni aku la...wahida...pernah satu kelas ngan ko dan beto dulu...ex UiTM tahun 98-2001...hotcat...

    seronoknya jumpa ko dlm blog ni...tak sangka...
    nnt singgah la dtg blog aku yer..

    aku suka tgk lakonan beto...aku selalu ckp kat hubby, itu kawan mama!! hehe...

    aku follow sini terus..

  7. dear tisha,its soothing to hear fr a lady yg can accept her hubby's profession as an actor & menjadi kegilaan ramai and still keeps ur composure abt it all :) alhamdulillah.akak doakan semoga Tisha&Beto akan berbahagia dibwah rahmat&barakah ALLAH SWT always.

  8. Hi friends!!!

    Thank you so much for the doa... The kind words! *Amin* I would also like to thank each and everyone of you readers/bloggers for supporting my Soulmate! Believe me when I say we appreciate all the support! *Wargghhh... Harap-harap Tisha tak lebih sudu dari kuah... Huhu*

    I know it has been ages since I last updated my blog, but I will do it soon! *Insya Allah* Ntah kenapa tak update blog ni??!! Busy sangat??!! *Busy sangat ke sambil rolling eyes* Banyak betul nak share.... *Have to do it soon*

    Thank you again! *HeartS*

    1. semoga bahagia with hubby nkekal brsama smpai ke ank cucu..aminn~~*pray the best 4 both of u**hugsByK2**HugS*HuGsHugs*

  9. it has been 4 months kak, lbh dr 2 bulan ni.. i dah 2 kali pengsan ni kak. dr silent reader dh berbunyi ni ha.. miss your post. pls update soon n kerap2 sket.. pls, pls, pls.. heee~ *wink2*

  10. hi Tisha.. i love to follow n read ur post.. it has been ages since ur last post like u said and i've wait for quit sometime.. rindu sgt nk bace ur post.. so, update pls.. thanks.. ~ngee~

  11. Akak ~
    Update lahh . lama tunggu ni . everytime bukak , asyik post yang sama je . hehe .

    Will wait :D