Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book! Book! Books!!

Well... Previous entry I did mention what I wanted for a birthday gift but somehow, there are things in the list that are not longer wanted or needed.... *Tiba-tiba rasa masa macam tak nak plak* Typical me being fickle. *Whatever*

A couple of days back I tweeted I wanted and have been looking for 3 malay novels. *Ombak Rindu, Kasih Yang Suci and Stanza Cinta* To my surprise, within 2 days, I got all 3????!!!! *Wowwaweeeeee* My SIL, Nana ordered Ombak Rindu via online for me and the twins aka Shamimi Hanifa and Shamimi Haniza got the remaining 2 for an early birthday gift. *Gossshhhh!! Terharu sangat*

See the excited look??? *Picture taken from the twin's FB*

Other than, Soulmate bought another book! 'Bogel Menuju Tuhan' written by one of our closest friend, Zahiril Adzim. *Way to go Bob! Congratulations on your first born baby!*

What touches me most about the book besides the poem and notes he wrote for his fiance aka Shera Aiyob, is the note he wrote for me and Soulmate! *One of the sweetest things anyone has said about us both! I'm touched and I'm honored too* Will share the note written in his book... Check it out!

Sweetkan?? *Pengsan*

Now that I have four books to read.... *Okay-okay 3 to be exact, one is still on the way....* It makes me a happy girl! *Wuhooooooooooooooo*

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  1. Sayang dia! Happy becoming birthday. =)

  2. Selamat ulangtahun!semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.Sayang kak Tisha sangat2!terharu jugak dgn entry ni. =)

  3. so awesome lah kak tisha.. have a soulmate like Kashaf and friends like them... i also want it

  4. hi..i'm ur blog's new follower..
    bila nak update blog?miss to read ur post!!

  5. wow best nye kalau dapat notes mcm tu :)
    so sweet