Monday, April 4, 2011

Just another weekend!

Hola!! How are u??? Hoping that you guys are ok!! I am!! *ThinkSo* Hurrrmmmm..... Every part of my body hurts... I did some rearranging to my bedroom while Soulmate was out for his shoot! Blame it on that I guess!! *It was not planned*

My mom had the washing machine remove so I thought I would just mopped and vacuum the room floor.... Instead I started cleaning everything! *Believe it or not my room needs it BADLY* I actually reposition the piano more than 5 times!! *Bayangkan betapa beratnya piano and the bed?*

I started cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, fold the clothes, and so on from 3ish.... By the time I was done it was 12 midnight! Papa help me with the wiring and the set up of my tv and sound system! I am so not good at it!*Ya Allah! Penatnya!!!* I only took 20 minutes break for dinner! Needed energy! *Mama got us Naan and Tandoori! It was not that yummy but I was to hungry to complaint*

By the time Soulmate got home, I was extremely exhausted! *Usually I will wait till he comes back! Just to make sure that he is safely home.... Yesterday was... -CloseEyes- * In the morning before Soulmate left for shoot I apologize for not waiting... To my surprise, Soulmate say I did get up.... I open my eyes, smiled, answered he questions than I sambung tido balik.... *Whoooops.... Did I do that???! Tak ingatlah....*

Every part of my body aches now! It's hard for me to sit, stand, walk.... but still nak main badminton with my besties... Haha...*I shall take pictures next time.... Boleh share kat sini kan?* After 2 hours s of badminton, Feisal took us for nasi kukus!! *Damn!! It was SO yummy!! Sinful dinner! Close eyes and fainted*


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PS: I am not sure what I did but I can't change the color of my font! Can anyone please help me?? I will be happy if you guys can help me out! *Masa kat edit post, color tukar... but once dah publish post, color tetap tak tukar!!* Arggghhhh..... I even tried changing text font at the edit html or whatsoever but FAILED!!!! Hellpppppp......



  1. Ish akk ni. jangan kerja kuat2 sgt. badan lama lg nk pakai. =) btw, sy suka gle mkn nasi kukus. masa blaja dulu sy boleh mkn nasi kukus saja setiap hari. =)

  2. erkk emmm ermm... mcm mana ye nak explain? ha u gi jer kat setting (ahh sgt tak membantu u kan?) hahaha.

    Eh jangan kerja berat sgt ok... tp kite sama suka ubah itu ini.. lepas tu PENGSAN tak sedar diri.. hehehe

  3. Fini... Help me!! I so want my font to be colored!!!! I have tried every way possible but FAILED!!! *Buta IT lah katakan!*

  4. hai akakkkk, eh tetiba je panggil akak ;) suka tengok Beto berlakon, sebab akak wife dia, mesti perangai serupa kan? ;)

    both of u memang comelsss!!!

    p/s: sy tgk kasyaf imani siap berjujuran lagi. akak tgk nangis tak eh? ;)

  5. Tisha, tak tau macam mana nak ajar *failed* I pernah jd mcm ni bila tukar layout. U ada ubah apa2 tak? try la godek2 lagi.. :)

  6. akak.. meh la baca entry ni.. ^_^