Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I should start soon...

It has been ages since I did any blogging aka entry... and why is that?? Hurrmmmm.... *Nak kata busy taklah busy sangat* I think I should start blogging again! *I should start making time for this*

I have loads to write... and I better start!! *Banyak sangat nak write sampai tak tahu nak tulis yang mana dulu* I've got to write about my NYC trip, new year's trip to Malacca, Soulmate's latest involvements, my disappointments, and many more.... so with that I think I should start somewhere...

At this very minute, my parents are on a short holiday to Melbourne. *jealous* Will be heading to another part of Australia (Gold Coast) but we might not be able to go.... *Flight tics dah beli tapi nak buat macam mana... his work comes first. * If we are not able to make it to Gold Coast, I would have to close my eyes and burn the tics! We have actually postpone the trip twice and I don't think the trip should be postpone again! Soulmate's schedule is so unpredictable! *close eyes + crying my hearts out*


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  1. Hi Tisha,
    Do send my "salam" to Beto. My three kids just can't stop adoring him in after watching Kasyaf Imani (when we're back in Malaysia). btw, when u got a chance to come to OZ, drop at our place at newcastle ya :)

  2. u should start kak. Coz i'm waiting eagerly everyday for ur new entry. =)

  3. tulis lah akak...seronok nak baca..exciting!
    sampaikan salam pd brader beto...

  4. Hi Mommy Alma! Will sampai kan salam to Kusyairy! We are planning a trip to Aussie but it depends on his shooting schedule! (",) Hugs to your babies! *HugsAndKisses*

    Baiklah MimiZa and Patrick Jambu! Insya Allah my next entry will be soon. *Woots*

    Fini, I can't seem to find your blog!! Why?? *WannaReadYourBlog*

  5. Okey set! Tq.....Hopefully one day my kids bley jumpa Beto. Ok2. Will hug&kiss them for you. FYI, dah beso2 dh depa hihihi...Ada masa jenjalan le kt blog mommy yek!

    write more & we'll read more...! daaa........