Saturday, March 12, 2011

I just love PRESENTS!!

Pressie! Pressie! Pressie! I just love presents!! *Wuhoooooo* My parents just got back from Melbourne and they bought me loads of stuff from Supre! *Me like the brand ALOT* I have liked the clothes since Motz first bought me the baby-t.

One of the many baby-t I inherit from Motz is 'Bitch in Bad Mood','100% Bitch', 'Psycho Bitch' ....*I just love them all...* This time, Mom bought 12 pieces of clothing and a belt for me! *Love them all!! Like! Like! Like! Suka sangat*

Every time mom travels to Australia she will definitely get me something from Supre! Even the hoodies are cool! *Bile lah agaknya I get to go there??* I can't stop talking about my NEW Supre.... that I forgot to mention that Pa bought me a handbag from Fossil! Me like it! *Gorgeous sangat* Pa knows that I love bags from Fossil.

Previously, I have gotten 2 sling bags and 2 wallets from Fossil... Gifts from Soulmate! *One of the bag, I have used it for almost 3 years and it is my fav* Pa got Soulmate a gift too. He loves it! Check it out!

I am happy that my parents are safely home! I know Japan and Australia are far apart *Jauhlah sangat kan?* but I was worried! Now, that they are safely home, I can sleep! *haha... macamlah tak tido langsungkan??*


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Like them all!! (",)
My oversize t-shirts! the colors are just gorgeous!
Fossil handbag from dad! Cantik kan?? *Wink*
Special request from me and mama manage to get it for me!
Papa's gift to Soulmate! Fits him perfectly! *Phewww*

PS: Picture quality is not good! I lost my camera charger!! Pictures are taken via blackberry! *Rolling eyes!*


  1. cantik beg kak tisha tu,,can i borrow?ha3...

  2. wow...smart2...belt yg cantek..

  3. at last!! kak tisha updates gak..
    i've been waiting for ur updates so long... hehehe
    nway... sume present cantik sgt.. especially the belt.. like it!

  4. kak tisha 1 more thing...
    Ieka pinjam qoute akak kat bwh tu
    'Life is hard.. it's harder when u r stupid'
    masuk kat blog ieka ;)

  5. Yes Ieka! You can use the quote! It will be a pleasure! *Huhu*

  6. thanks kak tisha..
    if senang do lawat my blog ya.. Woots*..
    anting2 owl tu sangat unik... loikee it! ;)