Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long awaited Gold Coast vacation or the sudden trip to New York City?

OMG!!! I am in dilemma! What's on my mind now??? I have a choice to make... It is either Gold Coast, Australia or New York City, United States of America!! (Which do I pick??? I wish I could go to both countries!) I was so looking forward to Gold Coast! Had planned the vacation since January! It was definitely a very long awaited vacation!!! Planned to go to the beach, do some shopping, and visit the theme parks.... Movie World, Sea World and the rest... Sheeeeesshhhhh.... Out of the blue, Soulmate was offered a role and the shoot is to take place in New York!! (Bermulalah dilemma!!)

I know that Gold Coast has to be postponed to a later date!! Sigh! The shooting cannot be postpone to next year!!! It's an opportunity for Soulmate!! ( It's once in a lifetime offer!!! and also a chance for Soulmate and I to go jalan-jalan in NYC) I will definately take this opportunity to tag along!! I will do some sightseeing... and do ALOT of shopping... (Victoria Secret and Coach is already on mind) I might have been to States 8 times but have never been to NYC!! This will definitely be a new experience for me!! (Itu pun if I ever make it there... Is not easy to get the visa approved by the US embassy!!)

Whatever the outcome is, we will only know in a week or two. If all goes as planned.... "It's New York City, Baby!!" Hopefully all will be okay! *Amin* (Doa mode is on for now....)


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