Friday, May 7, 2010

What makes me happy.... *inspired by mama's entry*

What makes me happy?


  • I am happy to just be around Kusyairy... (even when we are not doing anything!!)
  • I am happy to just see him smiling at me...
  • I am happy to just get a bb message or an SMS from him... (it makes my day!)
  • I am happy when he tells me that he wants to grow old with me...


  • I am happy when we have our gossip session in the kitchen (Ma's coffee is to die for!!)
  • I am happy that my "mama" is also my bestfriend.... (one of the best!!)
  • I am happy that she tolerates my shyte and gives me the comfort whenever I need....

I am happy when I have a good book with me.... Love the idea of having to read it without disturbance.... I am happy when I have a good laugh with my close friends and love ones... I am happy when Papa comes and speak to me... Love family dinners... Nisha's memories definitely makes me happy!

What I need to be happy is just having my love ones with me! (That isn't much to ask, rite?? Having money is just a additional bonus)

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  1. Wah..touching nye post kak tish kali ni...loike loike!!...tapi betol kan...nak hepi tak semestinye we have to be attached to material or cash...neway, kak tish dah sehat??...found out from ur twitter yang kak tish keep on vomiting...kak tish,best tak keje kat kl??..isit rili hard to survive there??...nak sgt2 keje kat kl..tapi ade gak rasa tkt...:(

  2. kak tish...kak tish ade ym tak??..lately saye cedey sgt2...tak tau nak citer kat sape...

  3. kak tish...bile kak tish nak update..rindu la...kak tish kat kl keje kat area mane??...

  4. get well soon kak tish!!!

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  6. Huurrmmm... I did not remove any comment for this post. *Pelik* Sorry Eira Wazir, I have no clue what comment you posted!