Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another weekend entry...

Another weekend ended and I still have not decided what to do... Plans changes all time! Excuses are given after one another! Huhu... It has been a month and I have yet to decide what I should do with my hair! (Potong pendek? Color? Treatment? Apa ek??) Hair is not the only issue... What I should do with my life is the MAJOR issue... Should I take the risk? (Apa yang the worst can happen?! I would not find something I like? Out of cash? Bak kata Soulmate... Rezeki ada kat mana-mana! Hurmmm)

I had this little chat session with Soulmate and I was telling him that I was afraid of being misinterpret! Hates it when I am blamed over something I did not do... To add on to the misery, I was pouring my hearts out about how I would just leave everything behind for "this" person but I was never appreciated! (I am not asking for the world, all I wanted is to be included! (Tak susahkan?) Soulmate just hug me! He knows I was upset! He told me that I don't need them.. and that I have him to turn too! (Shweeeetnye!!! Jatuh cinta lagi uols!!!)

When I make new friends, I give them my all... Nothing more and nothing less. If they can't appreciate that, it is their lost not mine! I should have listen to Soulmate! *I should have put a stop!!* I will not let them get to me.... I would not let them hurt me....

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  1. sweetnyeee!!!...keep updating ye kak tish...:)