Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A "new" friend found!

WOOTS! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I do not have much friends... (specially girl friends!) Not that I do want to have friends, I tend to keep the circle small... (to avoid problems bitching and most of all to avoid getting hurt!)
I could actually count my friends...(close friends).... I have Feisal, Pie, Rick (Cyber friend!Huhu), Anne and Syarinaz... Soulmate use to be in the list and he is still in the list with the additional status... "Hubby"!

I started working in WGC 2012 (in short for World Gas Conference 2012) and have been in this company approximately 7 months! As usual, I do my own thing... Work and head home... Mixing with the colleagues was never the thing for me since I ever started working! Somehow this particular changes my practise!

I cannot recall how we starting became friends instead of just colleagues... (mungkin kerana I pernah tumpang dia balik kut!!!) Her name is Mazura Monir and I call her Wawa or Wa in short! Fun, loving and caring girl I must add! (and she is a Gossip Princess!!) She makes me laugh in her own way!

She is my new friend found! Am not sure where this friendship journey will lead us to, but am just going to enjoy it! (",)

Wa... Thank you for sending me home whenever Soulmate has shoot! I am happy that you are my friend and not just a colleague! Gossip Queen love's you Gossip Princess

Introducing Mazura aka Wawa aka Gossip Princess! (",) Woot! Woot!

Mazura with her new car!! (",)
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