Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buka puasa session @ KL Convention Center...

Last week of Ramadhan y'all!!! ... and there is so many invitation for berbuka puasa session... (there goes my diet!! huhu) Not that I am not happy but only now that Soulmate has finish his "10" shoot and only now I am able to have him to myself.... (exegerate by saying having him to myself... cause he still have to go for all the berbuka puasa session here and there....)

On Monday, 14th September.... about 15 of us from WGC 2012 when to have buffet at KL Convex. We were invited by the sales manager.... Hrmmmm.... The food was ok! I like the Kuew Teow Goreng.... (Nicey.... ada sotong yang huge ok!! :P) The buffet spread was quite good but having me for buffet is a waste of money... (tapi takper cause it is free!! macam mama selalu kata... bawak t and k pergi buffet... rugi teramatlah... heheheh!! ) What to do??? Our stomach cannot take the load! (",)

Having buffet at Marriot with Soulmate.... Will update later.... Let's see which is better???!!! :p

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Sebelum berbuka sempat berposing!! Huhu... (is a must!!! )

First round...

2nd round terus dessert.... too full!!! (",)

Wawa.... I know you love me!! (",)

The ladies ... (",)

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