Monday, August 17, 2009

After 21 years....

SINGAPORE???? Is this for real??? That is what was on my mind....

I got the news that I am suppose to go for a short training/course about 2 weeks ago and I have never thought it's for real... I thought it was just something that Shur just mention and it would not happen cause work load is piling up and Syarinaz... the new em
ployee will only be joining on the 17th of August 2009. The training will be on Professional Conference Management in Singapore for 3 days! (Singapore?? have not been there for 21 years!!!!:P)

We left the office at 1.30pm from the office and head to Zaffri's home in Hartamas t
o get his bags then straight to the airport... Our flight us at 4.40pm via Tiger Airways. By 5.30 we were already in Singapore... The journey only took 45-50mins... :) What took us so long to get out from the airport is the Custom... It took them 30-45mins to check and chop our passport. (Hrmmm.... is that efficient?) The thing that got me more irritated after that is that ,y shocking pink luggage bag got a deep scratch! (sakitnyer hati... but soulmate says he will do something to hide the scratch!)

We did take a couple o
f pictures at the airport.... (Macam poyolah kan... but who cares???) We then took a cab and head to the hotel... While we were in the cab Rick call and says that he was at the airport.... I keep saying..."You are at the aiport??" and Zaffri and Liyana keep on counting the times I say that sentence! :P (Sheesh.... I think I did mention to him that he does not have to pick me up cause I really don't want to trouble him... tapi sebenarnya dalam hati ada perasaan segan jugak....!) Back to the story... While in the cab, we keep on taking pictures... (Banyak yang kena delete pun... I wish I have taken the offer to bring Soulmate Nikon... Better quality pictures! :P)

Met Rick for the first time in front of the hotel... Nice
guy I must say and hope to meet the wifey soon... (",) He gave me a list of malls that I could go and get "Charles and Keith"! Later that night after getting some rest, My colleagues and I decide to go to Arab Street for dinner... We took the MRT and not the cab... (konon-konon nak jadi adventurous! we manage to get there ok??!!!) We had dinner at Restoran Zam Zam.... Murtabak and Nasi Beriyani Ayam.... (the murtabak is super huge.... ) After dinner we decided to go to Mustafa Center (Muzaffar Square...??!!! hahaa... Combination of Mustafa Center and Marina Square!:P) We wanted to walk there but end up taking a cab... We were going in circle at Arab Street in order to get to Little India aka Mustafa Center... (tak dapat nak di tolong... jawapannya naik cab jer lah.... The blind leading the blind??!!!)

We all head
back to the hotel via cab at 1.30am.... Training starts at 9am... What a day!!! (",) Me miss soulmate.... *sigh*


in the plane... reaching singapore!

@ the budget airport

in the cab... heading to the hotel... after this got a call from rick! :P

@orchard mrt station heading to arab street

@ arab street! (",)

where we had dinner!