Monday, July 6, 2009

Long overdue entry... Warkah Terakhir Rosli Dhoby...

Where do I start....

When soulmate came home to tell me that he got the leading role... I was so excited for him that I actually did not care what the story line was... I was just too excited and was too happy.... (Dalam diam... I was hoping that this can be his break into the industry.... dah banyak orang look down on him... ) KL Motion has given him the chance to be the lead not like other production houses... I can still remember the tone in his voice when he came back from "a" particular production house that treated him like shit! I told him one day and the day will come when they will have to call you and you will have the privilege in telling them to G.T.H!! (Insya AllahSoulmate the time will come.... Itupun kalau Kye will let you say that lah! :P)

Let's get back to Warkah Terakhir Rosli Dhoby... The theme song is superb! I could listen to it again and again... Very soothing! Despite it being long... (6 mins wei... tak pernah di buat orang ok!!! :P)

Anyway, the story is about a young boy who killed the British Governor at the age of 17 but was hanged to death by the officials who has actually manipulated the birth certificate. (Gile tak baikkan...) I like where the part when Rosli Dhoby went to Ani (his girlfriend) before the killing take place and he says, " Janji dengan nyawa kamik tunggu kitak!".... Oww... it touches my heart and not to forget the scene between mom and son! Just superb! (Go Shery!) To make it more commercialize the production house had created a few characters to enhance the output of the story without actually affecting any facts during the actual event.... (I guess they will try their best lah kan.... sapelah yang bleh bagitahu what really happen kan!! ;P) Good combination of characters I must say! What I like about these particular production is that the cast and crew were like a family. They put all their 101% effort together so that "warkah terakhir" will be successful! Alhamdullillah it did! Oh yeah... It was fully in Sarawak dialect!! (I had to listen to a lot of kamik and kitak at home.... kan Soulmate???)

Most of the shooting took place in Perak... Soulmate and I had to be apart for quite some time! Got use to it since it the nature of his job to be away, but I came to visit!! (Mana bleh tak jumpa for almost 45 days??? No way!!! I'll kill Kye!) The only time when I feel a bit of discomfort during his shoots is when Soulmate had to do the hanging scene in Penjara Pudu... (Arrghhhh.... gile stress... I was more concern that him... :P)

I know my Soulmate enjoy working on this project and we did make and meet a lot of nice people! (",) Now I am waiting for the DVD compilation on Warkah Terakhir! (Kye??? Bile lagi nie??)

Beto Kusyairy as Rosli Dhoby in Warkah Terakhir!! (That's my Soulmate ok??!!)


  1. salam,

    tadik kamek nanggar final episode of rosli dhoby. X kerin aik mata dari mula pukol 9. ai ya sedih benar juak. anak kamek tetak & tegur 'mak nangis'. sik duli kamek makin jadi nangis. haiya....

  2. salam, kamek madah dengan anak kamek mauk nolong rosli sik? Sidaknya madah mauk. Jadi.......belajarlah rajin-rajin supaya dapat memanjangkan perjuangan rosli terhadap anak bangsa. Ya lah yang di mauk rosli selamak tok agar anak bangsa maju walaupun nya terpaksa berkorban dan dikorban. tahniah beto dan kl motion kerana watak kamu lah kamek orang paham perjuangan rosli...