Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Yummy!

Chendol @ Taman Ehsan, Kepong
Chendol on a hot sunny Sunday? Isn't that just yummy??? Feels so good! Anyway, it was after my sister in-law's wedding reception when KL Motion Pictures peeps decide to have chendol. (Apa lagi joinlah... Nasib the reception was almost done... ) We were pracatically ask to leave... The caterer wanted to clean up plates, cups, chairs and tables too! Heheh....

The chendol session was superb! All of us had one bowl each but Azhan.... (pelakon citer Spa Q tue...) had two bowls! (",)

Have to mention here that Soulmate and I had chendol again yesterday! Hehehe... but this time around it was at Taman Tun... with some rojak! Perfect combination.... (There goes my diet!)

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  1. hi, assalamualaikum. =)

  2. Salam babe... boleh plak ko cari aku yer... (",)

  3. opps..rasa2nya u salah org.. =)

  4. Opppsss.... Sorry! (",) Anyway, Hi!!! :p

  5. hehe..is ok.btw,u wife pelakon Warkah Terakhir tu kan?Nice meeting you.Your hubby is a great actor!

  6. Yups... I am! Wife to Beto Kusyairy... Kene specific nie cause banyak pelakon lelaki dalam Warkah Terakhir! Thanks... I must agree with you... walaupun it sounds like "masuk bakul angkat sendiri"... but I believe Beto has the talent! (",)

  7. ehehe..I know it's beto kusyairy is ur husband.he's really into the character.actually saya org swk.beto ckp swk terer lah!happy sgt coz akhirnya kisah hidup penjuang kemerdekaan swk akhirnya ditayangkan di tv.

  8. hye! kak trisha...
    loikeeee.. ur blog... ;)
    me also live at taman ehsan...
    my dad & mum, biggest fan of ur hubby (Beto)..
    Plus, my mum his kindergarden teacher dulu...
    nway.. nice blog..

  9. Hi wife to beto...heheheeh...actually i'm not really into drama melayu...tapi disebabkan sh amani, i watched Kashaf Imani, and i googled about this kashaf immediately....He is really a good actor...send my good luck to him...hope that he'll be the next best actor.... :)

  10. Hi ~us~ Thank you for reading! My writing is just for fun... (",) Anyway, send my regards to your parents! Thank you for supporting Beto Kusyairy! Kusyairy and I really appreciate it! *DoubleWoot*

    Salam Irnie! *Smile*

    Thank you Kyairulniza! Thank you very much for the kind words! Will let Beto know what you say about him! We both appreciate your support! *Woots*

  11. hi sis...1st nk bgtau u both really sweet couple...beto bb face n u soo sweet...hope u both bahagia selamanya...
    i'm one of beto's fan bcoz he really good actor...keep it up.. :)

  12. salam kak tisha hope that you will always
    eppy beside abg Beto..
    just wanna 'korek rahsia'
    how both of u know each other..

    send my regards to him and he will be the glamourest actor in ABPBH next year...
    So great to read those words that u write..
    k salam...

  13. Just found this blog. Eh! Itu the only cendol stall kat Taman Ehsan, near the roundabout. Love it too!