Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's been only a month...

Hola People!!!

Let's get to the main thing is why I am writing this entry.... I have only started working about a month and I have been eating in hotels alot!!! (Habis lah diet-diet ku!!!).... Had lunch in Westin Hotel, Saujana Resort, Novotel, and Cocktails in Le Meridein and Impian Hotel!!! (There are more to come but I will try my best to avoid it!!!) :P
When I attended my first cocktail in Le Meridien with one of the director (which is now my mentor aka Azian...) and 2 other colleagues, I won the grand lucky draw.... It was 2 days 1 night stay at the Royal Club Suite with breakfast for 2!!! (Best giler ok... with me coming without a name card!! and I won??? SHWEEEEEET!!! Pure luck I must say) Well.... I don't mind attending to more cocktails if I were to get more prizes.... as for the food is just bonus... I am not a great eater myself!! (",)

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Cocktail @ Le Meridien

Cocktail @ Impiana Hotel

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