Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cooking Sessions with Chef Muluk....

There are so many activities plan for all the staff where I just started working.. From Birthday Bash to Futsal... to Happy Walk... to Karaoke sessions.... (macam-macamlah...)

This particular entry is on the cooking session!!.... (Let start cooking people!!!) It is an engagement session between MGA, WGC 2012 and also IGU CC!! It was fun and interesting session I must say. We are all divided into group 4 people and then we are given certain dish for us to cook....

It was a good session for me as it was a session that I get to know my colleagues better. (Boleh lah berkenalan... kata baru join kan???!!!) What make it more challenging for me is that I was in the same group as the President of IGU.... (Mak oii!! Big boss nie!! Huhu....)

After the session is over we are all given a certificate on participation and also goodies from Maggi! (",)

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Chef Muluk at work!

MGA, WGC 2012 & IGU CC Team

My Team... Ikmal, Kak Jue and Datuk Rahim

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