Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chillin @ Chili's with Soulmate....

It has been quite sometime since I last have some quality time spend with Soulmate. Since it was Saturday and I am not working.... and Soulmate did not have any shoot schedule, we decided to have lunch just the both of us! (Quality time.... (",) I like...)

Well it wasn't so much of a lunch thingy though... since it was roughly 2.30pm when we decided to have Chili's instead of Delicious.... Delicious was too crowded and Soulmate wanted a restaurant that he can smoke... and the haze was bad if we were to have Delicious .... ( Smoking area for Delicious is outside where the open airs is... so....Chili's was the best solution! :P )

Hrmmm.... It was a lovely lunch!! Thank you Soulmate!! Oh yeah... Thank you for the shoes too.... Love the pinky shoes for Everlast! (",)


Yummy! I think is is call Triple play... Something like that! :p

Taste like Pizza!! (",)

The love of my life... "soulmate"

Me and my Iphone

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