Friday, June 19, 2009

Go Away!

Nothing hurts more than a broken heart. It is something words cannot describe nor heal. It is something perhaps we feel sometime in our life.... (Broken heart can be because of many things not just because of the opposite attraction....OK???)

Life is so uncertain ... One day you feel like you are up in the hill and the next day you feel that you hit the bottom drastically... (Jatuh terduduk macam nangka busuk.... atau jatuh sampai tenggelam dalam air?? ada ker??? Hrmmm... that is what I am feeling at the moment...) I am not sure why I feel this way. Is it because I miss Nisha very very much... or is it because is the month I am should be celebrating my birthday and she is no longer here with me to cut our cake....cake yang kitaorang akan kongsi! (hrmmm... people tell me to move on but it is not that easy... it has been three years but life has change since that and it is not that simple...) or is it because I am just feeling down over the things that is happening to me these past few weeks??? I wish I had an answer...

The thing that gets me most upset is that I feel annoyed or rather irritated when people tell me things about matters I know. Giving me unnecessary advices or remarks. I don’t need them. I know at times they just want to be nice and make conversation but come on, don’t say things that might hurt me or whoever lah... (cakap sedap mulut macam ada insurance kan...??!! tak pernah nak jaga hati atau perasaan ....kalau kena kat diri sendiri baru tahu kan??!!) It’s better to shut up rather than just say what crosses the brains or mind.

A note for all the idiots out there...

Stop telling me how lucky I am... stop telling me how to handle the changes that will be happening. There might be changes in certain areas but it is not going to change what I have with him!! Get that? Stop telling me to be careful because there will be “GORGEOUS” girls after him.... Stop telling me that he will be tempted with beautiful girls that he will be working with.... Tolong jangan rosakkan pemikiran saya atau the trust I have for him... Memang I patut ignore what people say but imagine if 8 out 10 people tell you the same thing every day??? Somehow or rather you will get influence by their statement!
I have been supporting him for the past 11 years and will continue to do so... When I married him, I know the challenges I have to face... It is not a problem or obstacle to me but rather a challenge I have to face... Instead of telling me what do or how to handle situation, it's better to give encouragements...

Cuma luahan hati saje... Somehow I know this matter will not stop... I will still have to face this with an open perspective..

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