Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It's ugly!!!! I guess it is not as easy as I thought it would be! Just to "iced" the cake makes me cry! Baking the cakes was not a problem at all but icing the cake is another whole story! WARGGGGHHHHHHH....

I bake the cake a day earlier so that I cam iced the cake the next morning of my class... (ingatkan mudahlah... instructor buat senang gile ok!!!!) when I had done with the buttercream icing I was already excited to iced the cake... without knowing that it will take me hours... I remember taking a break to run to my husband and cry!!! (nangis macam budak kecik!!!! hahhahaa..... It was funny when I think of it...) All Kusyairy say is... "Tart, u are just learning to do what you are doing... If you are good and you know what is being taught by the instructor, buat apa masuk kelas dia???" Hrmmm..... to think of it betul jugak! Kusyairy add jugak... "Trust me Tart, other students cake might be worst then yours!!!".... (which is true!!hahhahaha....)

Anyway, thanks to mom and kusyairy for the words encouragement!!!


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