Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cake Decorating...

HOLA! Cakey in the house!! Hahahhaa.... I have always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes... Since I am on garden leave (tak sure sampai bile lah kan... mana tak nyer job offers asyik di turn down with valid reason of course!!!) I have enrol myself to "Course 1 cake decorating at Wilton!. It has been very interesting 4 classes! We learn how to do boarders for cakes, flowers (roses to be exact), clowns, writing skills.... (banyaklah yang di ajar and di belajar!)

Well... the tools and also the registration class is expensive! (tapi kerana dah suka... apa kah daya??) I would want to continue the other 3 classes but I will have to consider taking one at a time.... (Expensive!) My class was held every Tuesday at 6 in PJ. There were about 10 other students including me! hahahaa... (ada satu kumbang!! mula2 dia sangat annoying but after one class got use to having him around and I guess he is ok!)

Wait and see in my next blog.... my first decorated cake!Hrmmm....


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