Saturday, October 4, 2008

Raya Lagi... Part Two!

I had to wake up early to head home and help my mom prepare for her little get together at my house. I think it has been almost 3 years that we actually last gathered.... (Family sebelah mama lah...) ever since Omot and Opah pass away...

Mama and Mak Yang prepared alot of food! From fried meehoon, lemang, ketupat, rendang ayam, lontong, kuah kacang, rendang daging... the list can go on and on.. (tapi mummy pun ada contribute... kuah kacang and rendang daging!! Hehehe...)

By lunch hour... all uncles, aunties, cousins... was everywhere around the house. Even my uncle and aunt from Ipoh came down. It was fun... (Fun but not the same... Opah and Omot takder kan??!!) We did a lot of borak-boraking and catching up.... Photo session pun ada ok!! Hahahaha....

Mama and Mak Yang plans to have it an yearly activity and it will be held at my house. (Hrmmm... Okay jugak kan.. Seronok!hahahaha...) I am looking for our next get together... (",)


Mr and Mrs Beto Kusyairy in the house!! Our first Raya together!!

The parents!

The "Giler" Cousins but we rawk!!!

The little ones!! Nieces and Nephews...

This is where the crazy shot begins... Hahaha...!

Here... There... Everywhere!!

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