Friday, October 3, 2008

Raya Datang Lagi... Part One!!!

Another Raya???!! It was just like a couple of months back when I wrote about how depressing Raya makes me feel! (tanpa disedari is already been a year!!)

This Raya celebration will be different. No more sitting in the room by myself.... I have to be considerate cause this time around I have my in-laws and my husband family, (Alhamdullillah Kusyairy memahami perasaaan isteri tersayang dia ni bile dia sedih!!!)

On the morning of the first day Raya, we went visiting Omot after the prayers. Yearly routine.. I just miss my sister very much. I cried and cried cause it just makes me feel sad that she is no longer here with me to celebrate all the festive season... (Akak, I wish you were here with me... Adik banyak nak citer ngan akak... Adik rindu dengar gelak ketawa akak.. suara akak... I just miss everything about you... )

After lunch, I went to Kuala Pilah.. Kusyairy's hometown. Usually it would take us about an hour to reach his hometown but it took me 2 1/2 hours!! (Ya Allah... lama gile duduk dalam kereta! Siap tertidur lagi!!)

By the time we reach Kuala Pilah is was 4.30 in the evening and we had to go to 3 houses... (nasiblah rumah dekat-dekat jer!!) After visiting the whole 3 houses, I was too tired to go home and I slept at my in-laws... (Ngantuk sangat sampai takleh buka mata lah katakan...)

Next blog will be about the celebration at my house... My family gathering... (Berkumpul selepas 3 tahun tak berkumpul.... )





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