Saturday, September 13, 2008


Food poisoning??!! Intestine Infection???!!!! Noooooooo.... When I came back from Bandung, I was so sick... (tapi tetap pergi keja in between... 2 days or so...) The next day I came back from Bandug (13th August) I was vomiting... non-stop! (masa tue semua orang ingat I pregnant.. which I am not!) When to see the doc, I got two days MC... Went to work on Friday.. half day only! I was still sick over the weekends.. On Monday I went to see the docs again and got another day MC... Work for two days and on Thursday I was on MC again. Now i was having diarrhea non-stop... and on Friday (22nd August), Kusyairy and my parents to me to the hospital and I got admitted... Was in the hospital for 4 days and was given MC for the whole week! (Holiday kat Subang Medical Center!!)

I was put on drips and it was painful! (Sakit sangat!) I really hate the drips... I could feel the medication going through my veins. I had lost appetite then and they were only serving me porridge! Plain porridge with Barley! (YUCKS!!!)

Now that I am out, I am suppose to becareful with what I eat.. I am not fully recovered. I still have to go for further check ups... Insya Allah lepas bulan Ramadhan...? (sampai skang I am not sure what cause all this... but somehow I have the feeling it is something to do with the food or water at Bandung..)


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