Friday, September 12, 2008


There are so many idiots living on EARTH! (Tengah sakit hati sangat!!!) I have been baking for the past week and have not been getting enough sleep... (Masalah yang saya cari sendiri... pasal nak cari extra income...!! but I really like the baking sessions but am annoyed with certain idiots!)

Since I started selling cookies I have always packed in the same container and tied it with a ribbon... (my trademark lah konon! ribbon akan sama color ngan the cups of the cookies...) So, kalau nak different packaging or special order, let me know in advance... cause bila dah packed, susahlah nak repacked! Take time and it is not hygienic! (tapi there are some inconsiderate human beings yang expect me to do the unnecessary... I am not going to do it! NOOOOOOOO!!)

After the tidak kepuasan hati melanda... Dini and I went for a walk at Ampang Park. Window shopping for Raya. I guess it is the best thing to do when you are angry and stressed! (tapi lagi best kalau ada duit!) (",) I did not find anything I like.... End up empty handed. Dini bought two tank tops.... Black and White.... I would do my shopping with Kusyairy soon!! (YEAY!! I like shopping!!)


This is how my cookies would look like! The end product!!!!

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