Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday Wish!

Today is my mom's birthday.... (not only a mother but also my bestfriend!) My mom is the world best mother... (mungkin setiap orang akan rasa mak mereka ada lah yang terbaik but my mom is the best for me!)

I have to thank for all she has done for me... Without her love and guidance I could not imagine what I would be and what king of girl would I tend to be...

Not only my mom is celebrating is her birthday but another friend of mine too... Rick!

Happy Birthday Mama... Hope all your dreams come true. Amin It's time for you to be happy... I love you.. Always!

Happy Birthday Rick. Hope you had a blast and May all your dreams come true. Amin! Thank you for keeping me awake while I am in the office aka chatting!! Nice knowing you... (",)

Happy Birthday Papa!! (in advance!!)


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