Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What I do...

What do you do when you have nothing to do in the office and you are only waiting for the time to pack and leave the office??? (Apa ek agaknya??? Hrm.... Read? Eat? Walk around???Nak tahu apa I buat??)

I will chat!! (Hahahaha.....) I will chat with Syarinaz (my goodfriend), Feisal (my bestfriend), Angele & Maricel (Collegues from Hong Kong & Dubai) and my new cyber friend, Rick from Singapore. (Untuk pengetahuan umum, Kusyairy tahu that I am friends with him... To be more open, he knows what I do!! Ini adalah untuk langkah keselamatan so that people won't judge!)

Angele and Maricel both work for Seymour like me... (",) All threeof us are working and holding the same position only different offices!! And we always have time to chat with each other... (but there are times when we don't have time... due to WORK of course!) They keep me entertained when I am alone and bored... and I keep them enterained too!!!

Feisal and Syarinaz are my two friends that I keep in touch not only throught chatting, but we call and sms each other all the time... (apa yang diborakkan ek???) Usually we make plans to go to gym, make plans for lunch... chat about everything and anything... (macam lah lama tak jumpa!! padahal I jumpa Syarinaz like almost everyday!!! and I will have lunch with Feisal like once in a week or two!!)

As for Rick... There is nothing much I can say about him (baru kenal) but I know that he is a nice person. (Insya Allah... I hope he is not a serial killer!! hahahaha... hmrmmr..... I think he is not! He is a loving father and a loving husband... and a good friend) He lives and work in Singapore. Lately, I have been asking about helmets kat dia cause Kusyairy and I plan to get a motorbike and would like to get cool helmets from Singapore.... (Kalau semua berjalan seperti yang di rancangkan... Kusyairy ajak pergi Singapore.... !)

Besides chatting, I would have coffee or tea and clean my table!! (",)




The table that needs cleaning!! (",)

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