Sunday, July 27, 2008

Missing Aboo….

Aboo…Boo…. Boobeckham….Abu Khurairah…. BooBecks… (Sape ek dia ni???) The world “handsome” cat!!

I was going through my dad’s PC when I came to this folder full of Aboo’s pictures… He is the most adorable creature! I just love him to bits! He is not just a cat but he is like a little brother aka like another family member. Even my parents loves him A LOT!
(Bleh ke masa my parents nak pergi buat Haji, they were more about Aboo than their own kids!! Hahaha….)

Aboo was a gift from my late sister to my parents to replace her. She was getting engaged and soon to be married and will leave the family to be with the husband. My sister wanted my parents to have something to care for when she is not around. When my sister passed away, my parents treasure Aboo a lot. He died approximately a year after Omot passed away. It was so sad. The way he died was so tragic! Aboo had waited for my parents and I to be together with him before he died. I cried and did not go to work for two days.

My parents were suppose to attend a wedding and they had to canceltheir plan. Aboo was much more inportant! Till today, I still have Aboo’s collar at my room door! (Masih bleh kedengaran loceng Aboo when I open or close my room door!) I don't think any cats out there can replace Aboo place in the family...


Boo when he was still a baby!!
He is just tired after reading a "whole" book...
Boo with the "offer letter"...
One of the many gorgeous pictures of BooBeckham... I miss him!!

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