Friday, July 4, 2008

Dinner @ Marche

Marche at The Curve
Rusti with Sausages and Roasterd Chicken with saute vegetables
The "Margarita" Pizaa... Yummy!

From one day to another we keep on postponing our dinner at Marche. At last yesterday we went there after work. It was my first time there… (Kusyairy punya first time jugaklah!) But many times for Syarinaz…  

The concept of the restaurant is like a market… You are given a card as you enter and whenever you want something, you will have to give the card for stamping. Come back a few minutes to get the freshly cooked food.
(Sungguh different from other restaurants I have been. I was fascinated!)

We had a lot of food… Syarinaz and I had rusti with sausages; Kusyairy had sauté mixed vegetables and Chicken with Salad…not only that we had Margarita Pizza to share! (Kenyang teramatlah sangat!!!) I had a great time. It was something different for me! (“,) I would want to take my parents for dinner at Marche. Mom would like it!

(Syarinaz, thank you for the great dinner. Kusyairy and I enjoyed it! The food was simply SUPERB!)


Me and my chicky move...

Kusyairy and his vegetables...

Syarinaz... The "Hungry" babe...

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