Thursday, July 3, 2008

At the Gym!

I have been a member approximately 2 years already… ( I think!) but had never actually gone into any of the group exercise class. All I would is just use the machine for about half and hour and head into the steam room and have shower. (Kira dalam gym tu hanya one hour jer!!)

Since Syarinaz change her membership from Celebrity Fitness to Fitness First, I told myself to try join the group exercise cause Syarinaz likes going to the classes… My first attempt was to attend “Step”. I only stayed for haf an hour! (Ya ampun, pening kepala tengok kaki orang cause it was my first time and I did not know the step!! Hahahah…) The second class I went was “Basic Step”. This class was better cause it was mostly for beginners… I stayed and followed the class till the end and for the first time I was in gym for almost 2 hours!! (WOW!!! Unbelievable!)

As don’t mind the classes but I still prefer the machines. I kind of miss my “old” gym partner… Feisal has decided to quit gym cause his office is providing them with free gym near the office. (Sebenarnya, I pun nak quit dah tapi pasal Syarinaz baru jer join, so I thought I would stay for a few more months… ) Will just see how it goes from here....


Kat gym pun mesti ada style ok!! (Sempat jugak bergambar!!)

Syarinaz... getting ready to workout!!

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