Monday, June 16, 2008

A little too much, I must say…

It all begins when my mom came back from Australia… She bought me some amazing stuff from there… I love all my three hoodies, pajamas, attitude baby-t and also my cupcake decorations… Superbly amazing! I have mentioned it to my husband that I wanted to get some new clothes for work. I think I went over the limit!! Hehehe… But I am still not done yet with my shopping, as my desired pair of pants is still not in my cupboard. Can't seem to get it… either it is too big or too small!! (Argghhhh… but I am determined to get it!!!)

Not only did I shop for clothes, I did get some gadgets too… (Not for me!!) It's for my mother and for my husband!! Mom lost her phone and she was really upset… Kusyairy and I decided to get her a new phone… (It felt great to see my mom happy!!) … and I decided to get PS2 for Kusyairy… (RED color! Smart gile wei… Even the controller is in red!) I wanted him to have some entertainment when I am not around!

Next in the list is a mini laptop, which I feel like asking Feisal to get me in UK… There are two in mind, which is the Elonex One or ASUS EeePC!! The EeePC looks better but I've seen a lot of that aound… the Elonex One is only saleable in UK… Since Feisal is heading there in a couple of weeks, I thought of getting it!! I would cost me less than RM700!! I think is a good bargain! Kusyairy and I have a laptop already is just that the second one will be for a basic one… (The one we have now is already changgih enough… Cuma is big for me to carry around!!) I better decide soon if I want to get it or not… More damage done!!!

For my cupcakes!!

My Three hoodies!! All Gorgeous!!
My two nighties!! The pink is just so cute!
This two is only RM50!! Good Bargain!!! (",)
A gift to my mom from Kusyairy and Moi!!

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