Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Damn... I am 28!

OMG!!! Turning 28??!!! Aiyakks... another year added to my age?!! Oh my!!... This is my third birthday without my late twin sister... I miss her dearly! I wish she was here with me and that we can both celebrate our birthday... and cut our shared cake... I have never wanted a birthday cake since her death... my close friends and family knows that whatever celebration we have for me, should not have any cakes... (tapi kalau dah ada orang bagi... potong jugaklah kan... but it would be sad for me...)

The eve of my birthday, Kusyairy took me out for dinner at Chilli's... We had a feast... We ordered alot of food... Chicken Ceasar Salad, Triple Play, Classic Nachos and Mushroom Jack Fajitas!!! The food was yummy! We could not go for dessert cause we were too full!! Hehhehe....

When the clock strike midnight, I open my card that was given to me by Kusyairy... and he read it to me... It was one of the sweetest moment and I will always treasure it!!(Thank you sayang and I will always love you too!!)


Look at the food! Yummy!!! Delicious!!

Goofing around!! (Hua hua hua...)

Enjoying our food!!

Syarinaz came and join after her gym sessions!!

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