Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BBQ at home…

Shara wanted to have a small little function for me at home and we had BBQ. (Untuk my birthday! Apa lagi?? Dahlah umur 28tahun!!!Hehehe…) I left the office at 5 and went to visit Omot. I just wanted to wish her “Happy Birthday”! It was sad… I was telling her how I had not have a cake since she passed away. I just cannot bring myself to blow the candles. (nasiblah semua orang faham … Sebenarnya, I don’t want any celebration cause it makes me sad… It is not the same since Omot passed away!!)

After visiting Omot, papa and Kusyairy started the fire, while Shara and my mom makes the salad.
(Ayam, Daging, and Kambing sudah di marinate since morning!) I only invited Cha-cha and wife, Syarinaz and Cit Jet for the BBQ. Feisal was in UK having the best time of his life!! (ahahhahah… Jealous tau!! I nak present dari sana!!!)

All of us started eating bit by bit from 7pm… Later, the “gombak gang” came… Shara brought her new friend, Sara… and Baby and the boyfriend turn up too… It was great to have all of them there at the BBQ but somehow deep down in my heart, I feel that it would be more fun if Omot was around…
(Thanks Kusyairy… for giving me the courage and support!) After the eating is done… Apa lagi it was the gile-gile photograph session with me and the crazy couz!! That’s what we do best!!


Kusyairy and I : Smile for the camera!!
Getting the fire started!!
The Crazy Couz in the house!!
The "CRAZINESS".. (",)
Another "Shara" in the family...

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  1. salam..akak.. Izzati share pic akak & En. Beto kat blog saya ek.. ^_^