Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pull and Bear Warehousale is in HERE!!!!

Pull and Bear warehouse sale??!! (Ini mesti pergi!! First thing that cross my mind) I started to make calls... Invited Shara and Nana to come along... so it's confirm going is Kusyairy, Nana, Shara, Sher, Cit Jet and of course ME!!

As early as 7 in the morning I started to wake my hubby and Nana... cause Shara will be fetching us at 8! (kena ada kat sana before 9am!! Have to be there early to be able to get all the best bargain!! Hahahha...)

At first, we planned to have breakfast first! tapi dengan kebijaksanaan Tisha, we went to check out the place whether the door to the warehouse is open... and to my surprise....It was... OPENED! (WUHOOO... Shopping time!!)

We were the first few that was there... The crowd was increasing by the minute... by 9.30... it was packed with human grabbing clothes here and there!

Me and Kusyairy bought a couple of stuf and we were happy with our shopping...Shara did most of the shopping... She got a piece for everthing for her body!! (Way to go Shara!!)

I would definately go to Pull and Bear Warehouse Sale!!


Lepasdah penat shopping... Makan lah!!! (",)

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