Wednesday, February 6, 2008

All Done!! (“,) I am Mrs Kusyairy

Nothing can describe the feeling I had the day I became Kusyairy’s wife. It was just simply superb… Now, at this very moment, I am already Kusyairy’w wife. I am married to the person I love… It’s a dream come true ya’ll!!

It was on February 1st, 2008 approximately 9.26pm when I was officially Kusyairy’s wife. Kusyairy only had to do it once and we are married. He was looking absolutely fantastic in his white baju melayu. Looking nervous I must. Just look at this picture!!

Shara aka Rah Rah Rhoommmm was my pengapit and she was by my side all the time. Since morning till it was the time for me to be ushered out where I will witness my husband to be at that point of time take my hand from my dad. I am no longer going to be a burden to my dad… (Ye ker?? Selagi my dad is around, I know that he will take care of me not matter I’m married or not!! Hehehe.. Like mama say… I am the apple to my dad’s eye… )

Shara and I. Don't we look gorgeous?? YEAH!! We do!!

Kusyairy was then asked to go and pray before he he can put the ring to my finger. (Acara batalkan air sembahyang… and also the first official kiss… The kiss to be remembered!!)

After the akad nikah.. All the guests we invited to have some refreshment that my parents had catered. We then had the “Berinai Besar”. I was asked to be seated first and they were renjis-merenjes thingy. It was a touching moment when Kusyairy had to merenjis me… Heheh.. I was touched!!! Hehehe… We had a blast… Laughing all the way…

Mak Chut was the person in charged to put the inai on Kusyairy fingers. (Three fingers only!!) After that, Kusyairy head home to prepare for the next day’s event, which will be the bersanding and the reception at my house. Two occasions in one day??? Read it on my next blog...


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