Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mama… Gone for a minimum of 3 weeks??!! Nooo….

I was at Kusyairy’s house when I receive a call from my mother. She told me that she accidentally dialed the wrong number. She wanted to call my dad but end up calling me. (Beza nyer, 3 number sahaja…) She told me that she might be going to Australia and I took it lightlt since I know that she is in Carrefour buying groceries….

The next morning
(I dah balik rumah Taman Tun the night before) when I was about to go to work, mama told me that confirm that she will be leaving for Melbourne in the evening!! I was “SHOCKED”!! I went to the office and settle all the things I have to do and went home to be with her… Cannot imagine without my mom for a minimum of 3 weeks… and maybe more… (I hope she will not be gone for a long time…)

I was talking to her the whole evening and when the time comes for me to send her to the airport, I went into the room and cried for a while… At the airport, I cried again when I had to part with her… I was never apart from her since my twin sister’s accident. Whenever we are apart,
(bila I balik rumah Kusyairy or go outstation) we can still communicate through the phone.

I told mama to take pictures of the places of where Nisha had went. I want to see the places Nisha use to go when she was in Melbourne to do her masters… I told mom to even get the picture of the shop when Nisha will buy my attitude baby tees!! One sweet day I will go there are see it for myself…
(Now, I am missing Nisha and Mama badly!!!)

Mama has gone for 2 days now and I miss her tremendously… What am I going to do???


Sempat ambik gambar mama before she leave for Australia…

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